Do you have a bunch of candle wax laying around? You may be wondering how you can use up all of that candle wax. Believe it or not, but there are lots of e things to do with candle wax & creative things to do with candle wax . If you don’t know about all of these ways, then keep reading!

10 Creative Uses for Candle Wax
Unique Uses for Candle Wax

Two wonderful things about candle wax is that it is inexpensive and easy to come by. You may have leftover birthday candles, or the tiny wax stubs that are left after a taper burns down. Whatever the case may be, the next time you come across some leftover candle wax, don’t pitch it, reuse it!

Did you know that candle wax has many practical uses that can really make your life easier? Who knew? Take a peek below at 10 creative uses for candle wax that you will want to try today. You won’t look at candle wax the same after you read this, and you will surely never throw it away again. Take a look!

Creative Uses for Candle Wax

Ways to Fix a Jammed Zipper

1. Fix a jammed zipper.

If your coat zipper is sticking and not running right, take a taper candle and rub it against the zipper track and zipper. Wipe clean. Then, give the zipper another chance. Chances are it will slide right along.

I love the fact that candle wax can help to fix a jammed zipper. Zippers can be super frustrating.

Ways to fix a rusty doorknob

2. Fix a dirty lock.

Sometimes the inside of a lock gets gunky, and when it does a key will not fit inside the way it should. The end result is a key that can break or a lock that is useless. Instead, rub wax on the key well and it should slide right in and work.

How cool that you can fix your own dirty lock with something as simple as candle wax.

Ways to fIx a jammed door

3. Correct a jammed door.

Yes, you can correct a jammed door with candle wax. To fix a problematic door jam, rub candle wax it.

That should do the trick! Reapply if the jam returns over time. This is a simple solution to an annoying problem! Candle wax isn’t expensive at all.

Camping Frugally and Having Fun

4. Make camp fire helpers.

If you like to camp but hate getting fires started, try using wax. Melt candle pieces in an old pan. Pour the melted mixture into a cupcake pan (or even egg carton) and stir in shredded paper or dryer lint is my favorite.

Allow the mixture to cool. The next time you need to start a camp fire, just light one of these and toss in! Or if you prefer, your an order some from Amazon that are at least affordable.

Make drawer sachets

5. Make drawer sachets.

Take chips of leftover scented wax and place in a muslin bag. Place the bag in your closets, drawers, or anywhere that needs a little freshness.

While you are in your dresser drawers, you can also apply wax to the edges of any drawers that appear to be sticking! This is an amazing trick, so make sure you check it out.

Hidden messages

6. Write mystery messages.

If children take an old chunk of wax and write on paper, they won’t see a message. If they shade over the message with the colored crayon, the message will appear.

Kids love this trick and it is a great rainy day activity! Give this trick a try and let me know what you think.

7. Melt into tarts.

You can melt the old wax bits in an old pan and pour into small shaped candy molds. Take the small formed pieces and place in your tart burners for some instance ambiance and freshness.

How cool is this? You may never need to buy tarts again. When you can’t think of what to do with candle wax, this tip will help you out.

Protect your fingernails with leftover candle wax

8. Protect your finger nails.

If doing a dirty job, rub some wax on your finger nails. It will give them a protective coating and keep paint, dirt, and other debris from sticking to them. Wax can also give your nails a healthy shine.

This is probably my favorite tip ever. Follow this tip to have super healthy nails.

9. Make new candles.
If you have a great deal of leftover wax, you can always make new candles. Wicks are available at your local craft store, and all you need is an old pan and a glass jar.

Melt down your wax, pour into your glass jar, and add your wick. You can tie the wick to a pencil and hang over the mouth of the jar so it dries in place straight. Pretty easy!

Creative uses for candle wax

10. Use in place of caulk.

If you have a drafty window, you can always use chunks of wax to fill in the cracks instead of buying caulk to do the job. No more drafty windows!

As you can see, candle wax is great for fixing all sorts of things around the home! A little goes a long way, so be sure you start saving yours from now on. You never know when you will need it for one of these common problems!

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Creative Uses for Candle Wax