10 Tips to Get You Organized for the New Year

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10 Tips to Get You Organized for the New Year

Want to get organized in 2018? Me too! I have made a list of things to help you and I both get organized this year.

#1. Write things down. There is nothing worse than forgetting things. I have made a resolution to write more things down in 2018.

#2. Download the tools you need to stay organized. Don’t delay in downloading those organizational tools you have always wanted, I’ve created a few pages that you can print at home and then use them for your own planners. I used the Arc Stapler System to organize mine.

#3. Set goals for yourself, but don’t get sad if you don’t achieve them. Goals are just that, goals. Sometimes you smash them and sometimes they smash you! You can get more organized by setting goals in 2018.

#4. Keep less stuff in your life. I have found that the less stuff I have, the easier it is to be organized. In 2017 I decluttered a lot of things but my goal for 2018 is to purge my items again and downsize lots of things.

#5. Do the 3 most important tasks first. When you write out your list for the day, write the three most important tasks first. This will help you get them done and not forget about them!

2018 printable calendar

Lifewithheidi memo cal


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#6. Do one thing at a time. I know you have heard that doing multiple things at one time is better, but it is not. Do one thing at a time! This will help you to not lose your mind and to stay organized.

#7. Put everything back where it belongs. Don’t just leave your stuff on the counter, put it away! At first it is hard to train your family to do so, but once everyone is trained your house starts to become more and more simplified.

#8. Keep things simple in your life. The simpler things are the easier your life will be, what can you cut out?

#9. Don’t overbook yourself. This one is super important to me in 2018! I do not want to overbook myself in 2018. I want to enjoy what I’m doing. Which also goes along with keeping things simple.

#10. Get rest! One thing I failed at in 2017 was to rest and recharge myself. I am way better at being organized when I am not running on 2 hours of sleep. Sleep is super important and a great way to stay organized in 2018.

How do you plan on getting organized this year? I have implemented this 2018 planner into my life and it has saved me lots of time and money! Purchase yours on the amazon link below!





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Tina Welch

i can surely use this

ellen beck

I seriously need to get rid of some things. I have lived in this house for 30 years and we have become a deposit place for several people. I think this year, I am calling them, and just telling them unless they come get some of this junk, it will be donated. I mean I have my daughters clothes she is storing here from 10 years ago. She wont ever wear them, and she has a boy 🙂

rebecca b

Thank you for the wonderful, useful tips!

Amber Ludwig

Something I really need to do!! I am freaking out as how disorganized I feel lol!! AHHHHH!!!

April Monty

It’s hard to get organized these are super tips to get moving

Toni Sprouse

I think the biggest problem I deal with is having less “stuff”…I am a very sentimental person and like having things around that belonged to my husband’s grandmother and others that have gone on. As a result, this leads to a lot of dusting and upkeep.
Thanks for all the great tips!

Carrie Conley

I can get organized, my problem is staying that way

Linda Manns Linneman

I am not the worlds best organizer. I really have to work on this daily. Thank you so much for this great article. God Bless