10 Unusual Pets That You Didn’t Know You Could Own

When it comes to owning pets, we all know people with cats and dogs. And let’s be honest here, there’s nothing wrong with the commonplace house pet; in fact, there are few things more exciting than seeing a dog when you’re walking down the street, and knowing that you can carry on your day feeling that little bit more fulfilled. However, there are people out there with less conventional animals living amongst them.

But what are the most unusual pets out there? Here are 10 of them for those unique animal lovers.

10 Unusual Pets That You Didn't Know You Could Own

#1: Hedgehog

Hedgehogs are great (and unique) pets to have, and whilst these spiky creatures may look like they can do some damage, the likelihood of this actually being the case is pretty slim. As long as you don’t pose a threat to them and look after them well, you and your hedgehog buddies will be friends for life. They’re most active at night, and need a fair bit of room in order to explore. Fun fact: a group of hedgehogs is called an array, pretty cool huh?


#2: Giant African land snail

OK, so we’ve all seen snails before. However, if you haven’t seen the Giant African land snail, it really is a sight to behold. These things are… well, giants. Admittedly, they don’t really do much, and you’re not going to be worried about them running around the house causing chaos. However, they are cute and sensitive creatures, even though they may seem slimy and gross. You’ll fall in love with them sooner than you think!


#3: Tarantula

Now for something a little more controversial. If you’re not fond of tiny spiders that make their way into your home, then you’re definitely not going to be interested in this unusual pet. However, if you can see the beauty in the terrifying and give a tarantula a chance, you may find that this hairy arachnoid soon becomes a great pet. Just make sure that you don’t leave the lid to the tank off by mistake…


#4: Rabbit

Whilst a rabbit isn’t too unconventional as a pet, it is rarer to see one of these fluffy companions compared to the average cat or dog. Rabbits are adorable, and taking one under your wing is relatively simple as long as you know the right way to care for it. Make sure that they have plenty of space to hop around, and that you’ve got cover from somewhere like unusualpetvets.com.au, as rabbits are known to hide their illnesses well!


#5: Snake

Another controversial pet is a snake, and if you tell somebody that you’re keeping a boa constrictor in your home, you’re going to experience one of two reactions. You’ll get some animal lovers exclaiming, ‘woah, that’s so cool!’ and you’ll get other people who will turn around, and start running. However, snakes are great pets to have, although you need a lot of space if you’re going to opt for one of the larger breeds!


#6: Pygmy goat

OK, so you might not believe us right now. But you can keep a pygmy goat as a pet, providing that you’re good with these types of animals, and you’re ready for a pet with a pretty cheeky attitude. Goats are notorious for eating everything in sight, and it’s likely that they’ll destroy any weak fencing, too. Be sure to consider all of these things, and also, the fact that they can be pretty loud. Still, goats can make great pets.


#7: Miniature donkey

We’ve all seen a donkey, but until you’ve seen a miniature donkey, you can’t understand just how cute these guys are. They need plenty of land to explore, but if you can put the time and effort in, you’ll have an adorable – and intelligent – pet. They do, however, get lonely, so you may need to purchase two miniature donkeys rather than one. But look, we’re not going to complain about having more of these great animals around, you know?


#8: Ferret

Another adorable (and unusual) pet is a ferret, and these guys are super cute. Not only are they extremely playful, but they bond well with humans, and you just won’t want to leave your ferrets side when you head out in the morning. Bring your ferret to work day, anyone? In fact, you can put your ferret on a leash and take them out in the park for a walk, which is surely a conversation starter if we’ve ever seen one!


#9: Squirrel

OK, so you won’t really be able to go out and buy a squirrel from a pet store. However, there are some people out there who have them as pets, perhaps due to the fact that they find abandoned baby squirrels, and take on the role of rearing them. However, unless you do this, and raise it from a young age, you will definitely find that a squirrel isn’t really a great pet to have, so don’t just try to adopt an older one you find in your garden!


#10: Fox

Again, many foxes aren’t domesticated animals, so like squirrels, you can’t just go out there and bring a fox home with you (good luck catching one of them, anyway!). However, there are certain breeds that have been more domesticated, and if you look after them from a young age, then you may find that you have a great relationship with these beautiful animals. Be aware that they need specialist care, and you need to be clued up on welfare.



When it comes to getting a pet, you don’t always need to take the conventional route. In fact, you could get yourself an animal that is considered a little out of the ordinary, but still has a lot of love to give, and isn’t that the most important thing? Make sure that you get advice from a vet or somebody trained up in animal welfare, and don’t forget to check out the laws concerning these pets where you live.


Good luck finding your perfect unique pet, and making them a part of your family for years to come!


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