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11 Elegant Disney Tattoos for Women That Are Hard Not to Love

11 Elegant Disney Tattoos for Women That Are Hard Not to Love

About 1 out of every 3 people between the ages of 18 and 29 have a tattoo. That number has crawled upwards over the last couple of decades as we’re seeing tattoos become increasingly de-stigmatized.

Given the popularity of tattoos today, it’s hardly original to get one. The tattoo that you choose to get, though, can be an absolute masterpiece that makes you stand out from the run-of-the-mill Chinese symbol and infinite sign wearers.

When it comes to tattoos that stand out above the crowd, we think that you’d be hard-pressed to find designs better than those inspired by Disney!

Why? Because A) We love Disney, B) Disney has revolutionized the world of art and C)… Well… We really love Disney a lot.

To that end, we’ve described some of our favorite Disney tattoos for you in hopes of turning you onto an incredible idea!


One of the most iconic Disney tattoos is worn by none other than our favorite deputy, Sheriff Woody. In the Toy Story films, on his foot, Woody sports the name of his owner, Andy. The name is stylized in a way that makes it look like a child wrote it.

Throwing this tattoo on the bottom of your foot would be instantly recognizable, although, foot tattoos can ware away pretty fast. It’s probably best to go with high-quality temporary tattoos for this design so you can reapply it frequently.

2. Chip & Dale Companion Tattoos

Whether you recognize Chip & Dale from classic Mickey Mouse cartoons or from their old TV show, Chip ‘n Dale: Rescue Rangers, you’re well aware that these two chipmunks are absolutely adorable.

Why not take some of that adorableness on the road by getting Chip & Dale companion tattoos on your two thighs, two arms or on each of your shoulder blades? Those two cuties will definitely turn some heads!

3. The Magic Kingdom Castle

3. The Magic Kingdom Castle

If you’re a Disney theme park fan then you’ve seen the iconic castle that sits at the end of Main Street in Disneyland, Magic Kingdom and in a handful of other international parks. Getting a tattoo of one of those castles makes for a brilliant Disney tattoos idea that you can make your own by stylizing the colors that you use to fill the castle in.

Our favorite castle is the one featured at the Magic Kingdom in Orlando!

4. Wistful Pooh and a Butterfly

Winnie the Pooh is in a class of his own when it comes to Disney characters thanks to his being genuinely sweet, much like the honey that he loves to eat.

To capture some of Pooh’s wistfulness, try getting a silhouette of him on your ankle with his head looking up at passing butterfly.

5. The Buena Vista Studios Castle

Do you know that iconic Disney Castle that you see at the beginning of old Disney movies? That castle used to be the logo for “Buena Vista Studios” which was what Walt Disney called the arms of the Walt Disney Company. “Buena Vista” is a name that comes from the street on which Disney Studios sits today.

Getting that blue Buena Vista Studios castle on a shoulder blade or arm is sure to inspire nostalgia in onlookers.

6. Minimalist Alice in Wonderland

We’ve seen some brilliant, minimalist Alice in Wonderland tattoos in recent years. Typically, they consist of small silhouettes of Alice, the White Rabbit and a few playing card symbols scattered about an arm or the back of a calve.

This is a Disney tattoos idea that you can get very creative with as far as placement goes so go crazy!

7. Carl’s Balloon House

This Disney tattoo’s favorite is probably the most popular suggestion on our list. It’s just a simple, small rendition of the house from Up being carried away by hundreds of balloons. The balloon house tattoo works as a silhouette or rendered in complete color.

8. Broadway Beauty and the Beast

If the iconic ballroom scene in Beauty and the Beast made you fall in love with Disney when you were a kid (or an adult, we don’t judge), pay homage to the film by getting a tattoo of the movie’s Broadway logo.

The logo consists of an outline of Beast holding a rose that’s losing its petals. It’s striking because it manages to be both vague and recognizable in equal measure.

9. Steamboat Willie

We all know the classic shot of Mickey Mouse as Steamboat Willie whistling as he flings his ship’s wheel around. If that interpretation of Mickey Mouse has a special place in your heart, throwing a large rendition of that scene on your shoulder or doing a smaller rendition on your inner wrist can make for an excellent tattoo design.

10. Rafiki’s Simba

You’re a true Disney fan if you can remember the Simba art that Rafiki drew on his tree in the original film. With Lion King making a comeback thanks to the recent remake, now is an excellent time to get Rafiki’s Simba on your back, on your forearm or anywhere else that strikes you as a good home for it!

11. Peter Pan Silhouette

Disney is all about holding onto your imagination. No character is more iconic when it comes to that standard than Peter Pan.

Throw his silhouette anywhere on your body and you’re sure to inspire smiles in anybody that sees it.

Embody the Magic With Disney Tattoos

Despite all of the awesome tattoo designs that we’ve seen over the years, no bit of ink strikes us as more awesome than Disney tattoos.

We hope that our list of ideas has gotten the wheels in your head-turning. If you still need inspiration, have no fear! You can check out more lifestyle, entertainment and Disney content on our blog!

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