15 Ways You Can Stay Healthy While Traveling

Going from point A to point B is not only a spiritual, mental and physical journey of growth and learning but also a trip through disease. With germy planes, gross trains, and a car ride that may leave you ill. Face it, no one likes having a cold or flu while trying to enjoy a new place or culture. 

So, follow these 15 easy tips brought to you by American Lifestyle Travel and you will be on your way to having happy, healthy travels in no time!

1.) Eating The Breakfast of Champions

Never skip breakfast! Eating breakfast been proven to help maintain a healthy body weight. It also boosts your metabolism, keeps your blood sugar in check, and helps your immune response. So don’t skimp out on the fruit and take your time – your body will thank you!

2.) Keep Your Tissues to Prevent Issues

Disease is everywhere from the sniffles of the child beside you to the cough clouds of strangers. Having plenty of wet wipes, baby wipes, or tissues on hand can come in handy. Refreshing your face after a long flight or train ride or simply having something to wipe your hands with can help keep you healthy and happy while traveling. 

15 Ways You Can Stay Healthy While Traveling

3.) Coffee, Tea, and Lemon Water, Please!

Coffee, tea and lemon water all have plenty of health benefits and can help keep you alert to your surroundings. From antioxidants to flu-fighting powers you don’t want to skip out on these beverages while moving on to your next destination. For those who suffer from motion sickness, drink herbal teas such as mint with a bit of ginger root at least 30 minutes before you go. 

4.) Stress Relief Techniques

We often are left in a constant stimulus when going place to place. This can bring stress to both mind and body and impact your body’s ability to fight disease. So take a moment to meditate, read a book, or practice breathing techniques to help keep your stress levels down and your immune response up. 

5.) Getting Enough Beauty Sleep

We all suffer from the night before travel jitters. To help calm yourself and get that necessary beauty rest, take a relaxing bath, drink some herbal tea and refrain from any devices at least an hour before your bedtime. 

6.) Take Your Eco-friendly Refillable Water Bottle

Airport security and their hatred for all things liquid… what can you do? Don’t fret! Just take a refillable water bottle and stock up at any of the drinking fountains. Be careful of using tap water in some countries since filtration and sanitation aren’t often reliable and can contain dangerous water-borne bacteria and parasites. 

7.) Healthy Snacks to Pack to Stay On Track

When traveling you may feel inclined to cheat on your diet. For those who suffer from allergies, this can be life-threatening. To avoid a bad time, make sure you pack healthy foods in sealed containers.  

8.) Travel Workouts

Whether you are into the recent yoga trends or have a standard fitness regime, don’t let travel stop you. For people who need a quick fix for long hours of sitting try some basic leg stretches or do a few squats. This will help get the blood in your legs flowing. 

9.) Don’t Forget Your Sunscreen!

Sunburns suck! So, don’t forget your sunscreen even on a day where there is overcast or cloudy weather. 

10.) Mosquitoes, Ticks, and Spiders, Oh My!

Find a good bug repellent and keep it with you. To prevent yourself from having an uninvited buggy guest make sure you check yourself and your bags every so often. Avoid wearing too many perfumes since this attracts many insects. If you experience a tick or spider bite, make sure you check the bite area and see a medical professional as soon as possible. 

11.) Meal Replacements and Protein Shakes: Yay or Nay?

You’ve probably seen them in the health food section or touted as the next weight loss trend. While these products can be helpful and do have some benefits, they shouldn’t replace all of your meals when you travel. It is okay to have a couple packs or bottles on hand in case you aren’t able to eat lunch or dinner. Make sure you buy from reputable certified sellers and not some knock off!  Ample Meal is one of our favorites and you can see the top 5 meal replacement shakes.

12.) Hygiene – Cause It’s Good For You

Washing hands and face is not only refreshing it helps you prevent disease. Many people don’t wash their hands, so it is safe to say those doorknobs, chairs, and other public surfaces aren’t as clean as you think. If you are unable to wash hands in a bathroom, try to carry hand sanitizer and wet wipes with you at all times.

13.) Packing The Essentials

On top of the clothes, toiletries, camera, and other travel necessities it never hurts to take along a small first aid kit too. These kits come with bandages, alcohol wipes, disinfectant and more. It also never hurts to have a basic first aid handbook as well. You never know when you may need to treat a small injury or medical emergency.

14.) Always Have Travelers Insurance!

Speaking of medical emergencies, make sure you have purchased up to date travelers insurance if you intend to go abroad. Many countries such as those in the European Union now require travelers to have insurance before they can enter the country. This is for your benefit since you never know when you may need a doctor.

15.) See The Doctor and Dentist Before You Go

It may seem counterintuitive, but it is better to know you are travel ready than to end up having a medical emergency in a foreign hospital. Making sure you are in good health allows you to be completely prepared for a survival situation too!