4 Online Certifications You Can Get Right at Home

If you want to become more employable, there are many types of online certifications that will allow you to add some new skills to your resume. What’s best about these certifications is that you can study and prep for them at home before you take any test.

It’s always worthwhile to broaden your skillset and try working in a new industry if you’re curious. Here are some possible certifications you may want to look into:

Contractor’s License

 Being a contractor can be a lucrative business. But, in order to practice general contracting, you must have a license that is valid in the state you hope to practice in. Obtaining a license will also make you a much more credible contractor. Credibility can secure you a higher salary.

At Contractor Training Center, you’ll be equipped with all of the information you need to succeed as a contractor. They have a number of prep seminars that can help you pass your contractor’s exam.

With a license, you’ll not only earn significantly more money, but you’ll have the opportunity to handle bigger projects and expand your portfolio of clients. While practice is important, theory is an important part of contracting too because it ensures that you know all of the rules, regulations, and processes involved with the trade.


Google AdWords

Google has a reach and influence that not many companies can compete with. That’s why obtaining a Google AdWords certification is valuable. With this certification, you’ll have the opportunity to practice online advertising and secure a job in a niche sector.

 This certification will expose you to many important online advertising concepts like:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Link Building


Pay-Per-Click Advertising (PPC)

These concepts are constants in this industry, so knowing how to use them to your or your employer’s advantage is a great skill to have.

Not only will you get a great education on the topic, but you’ll have earned a certification from a reputable company like Google. Being able to put that on your resume will definitely be a conversation starter between you and a potential employer. It may even be what secures you the job.

LinkedIn Learning

While you won’t be earning one specific certification by using LinkedIn Learning, you’ll have access to a large bank of knowledge from industry experts in every sector. LinkedIn Learning is a huge database with many comprehensive courses on a variety of subjects. You can be picky about what you learn, and only be as involved as you want to be.

Once you complete a course on the platform, you can easily list those new skills on your LinkedIn profile, making it much easier for employers to learn more about you and your skillset. This is ultra-convenient for both you and the employer.

Traditional courses can sometimes be too narrow and uninteresting. This platform keeps things exciting by condensing the information into short courses and allowing you to access them on your own time. And, you can be confident that the knowledge your gaining is valuable since it’s coming from experts in their fields.

The future of learning is similar to the on-demand model that LinkedIn Learning created. You can learn whenever and wherever you want, and at your own pace.

Work from home jobs

Human Resources

In companies, human resources departments handle employee recruitment and the relationships between these employees. A skilled human resources professional can significantly impact the quality of work that a company produces.

In order to become an HR professional, you need to get a certification and learn about standard HR practices, as well as ways to use those practices in a real work environment. Employers are always looking for skilled HR representatives, meaning it’s a career field with lots of room for promotion.