5 Best Tricks to Beat Premature Aging

5 Best Tricks to Beat Premature Aging

Anti-aging serums have preventive effects on the layers of your skin. When free radicals invade collagen fiber and weaken skin cells, they cause redness, blemishes, and lines on the surface. However, there are other factors for the sudden effects of aging. Premature aging can be combated with active ingredients in skin care formula, and compounds in foods. Most topical applications are recommended for day and night use by cosmetic dermatologists. 

The Application of Serum-In-Creams

Use oil-free moisturizers, and the right skin care products that suit your skin texture. A brightening serum can be purchased as over-the-counter products; ensure you use skin-friendly ingredients to look youthful. Like the antioxidant – astaxanthin in serum-in-cream; it preserves the smooth texture of the skin while protecting your skin cells from oxidative stress. Usually, skin blemishes on the surface layer become red after suffering inflammation.  

Maintain a skincare routine to beat premature aging and protect the epidermis from wrinkling, dullness, and sagging. There’s no limit to skin-care tricks and products that work effectively. When the unwanted effects of aging sets, every skin texture (dry or oily) need formulas for a healthy recovery.

Maintain A Healthy Diet

It’s cost-effective to glow your skin by using natural methods. Keep a bowl of farm-fresh veggies, fruits, nuts, and oils that are rich in anti-inflammatory properties, antioxidants, and vitamins. Apart from clearing the skin from blemishes, you can maintain a shiny hair, and strong nails while you age. Toxins from metabolized foods and free radicals from ultraviolet radiations can’t survive the attack of antioxidants. 

More so, massaging your skin and consuming essential oils will boost your sebum balance. Spinach, cauliflower, broccoli, avocados, citruses, and nuts are skin-boosting foods.

Protection from Environmental Factors

Sunburn peeling and photo-damage on the skin from invasive ultraviolet rays A and B can cause discomfort. Apply broad-spectrum sunscreen at least thirty minutes before stepping under sunlight to enjoy anti-aging and inflammatory benefits. Tanning machines and sunbathing can transfer collagen and skin-damaging rays to cause sunburns, and melanoma in extreme cases. Instead, wear hats, baseball caps, sunglasses, and the right sun cream to protect the texture of your skin. It’s better to protect than repair weakened skin cells and tissues. 

Sunlight triggers photo aging, freckles, and blemishes on the unprotected skin. However, anti-aging serums heal UV damage because they contain vitamin C, A, and other active ingredients. The special formula helps your skin to heal itself after using retinoid-based serums over a period. More so, topical applications like sun cream must be worn after every two hours of exposing your skin to sunlight and ultraviolet rays.

5 Best Tricks to Beat Premature Aging

Don’t Over-Indulge in Smoking

Overindulgence in stimulants, alcohol, and cigarettes can cause unwanted skin effects. More so, areas of the skin that are close to the fumes will experience low blood circulation. According to cosmetic dermatologists, smoking triggers the formation of premature wrinkles. Naturally, unhealthy lifestyle habits affect the aging process; they make facial skin appear sunken and dull. Like alcohol, smoking is habits that age the skin by dehydrating, and nicotine causing the low supply of oxygen. 

The harmful chemicals in cigarettes break down the skin’s elasticity and its vitamin A levels. When this effect occurs, there’s a depletion of collagen fiber and elasticin protein.

Avoid Sleeplessness

Every day, the human brain requires at least seven hours of sleep and eight hours for younger people. The brain, tissues, cells, and organs of the human body heals every of its part during sleep. However, the healing property comes from the state of your immune system. During the night, skin cells regenerate like brain cells, and sufficient sleep time can overcome the effects of aging. Not enough or sufficient night sleep(sleeplessness) will trigger stress and anxiety during the day. 

The most visible signs of sleeplessness are a dull appearance, irritability, and wrinkled skin. In extreme cases, sleeplessness damages collagen fiber and depletes elasticin proteins. Avoid sleeplessness, and use naps during the day to rejuvenate your skin. 

Develop Skincare Regimen That Works

The best serum for face anti-aging contains anti-inflammatory ingredients. Start by applying night and day skincare routine early; this practice preserves your skin texture. Oily, harsh and heavy moisturizing ingredients might be counteractive. So, ask your cosmetic dermatologist for help when in doubt. As we grow old, fine lines, premature wrinkles, and texture changes are basic effects. 

However, they become aggravated when the skin is not properly treated against skin cell oxidation. There are special skincare formulas with concentrations of vitamin A, C, and antioxidants like astaxanthin; these active ingredients work effectively.


The best anti-aging serum will clear discoloration and plump thin skin tissues. Naturally, the process of aging is inevitable, and genetics is a stronger factor that determines the effects. Your dry skin texture can be moisturized with vitamin A-rich diets, and by applying topical solutions like retinoid-based serums. 



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