5 Honeymoon Registry Options To Consider While Doing Your Honeymoon Planning

Just as you got engaged, you started dreaming about decorating your new home – all of it your way! That’s a dream of every bride-to-be, of course.

But do you want to make it a little different?

Besides asking the wedding guests to pay for your favorite home décor items, furniture, and bed linens, there are more interesting things to register as wedding gifts.

How about persuading them to pay for your honeymoon trip? An unforgettable luxury vacation with your hubby will be the one you’ll cherish forever. That’s why honeymoon registries are out there to help couples select their favorite travel activities (such as snorkeling, dining, etc.) while the guests pay for it.

Not sure which honeymoon registry to choose from out of many?

We’ll guide you through the options!

5 Honeymoon Registry Options To Consider While Doing Your Honeymoon Planning

Honeymoon Wishes

Don’t want to get into any doubts? This is when you should trust a honeymoon registry that has served a lot of couples. That’s Honeymoon Wishes – More than 696,954 couples have registered their honeymoon trips on this website.

Here’s something unique about Honeymoon Wishes: it doesn’t only gather and disperse the funds your family and friends have gifted you for your honeymoon, it also provides you the option to transfer those funds to your chosen hotels. This way, it gives you a feel that you’re actually getting a wedding gift instead of just cold cash from the wedding guests.


If you’re looking for a honeymoon registry that is purely devoted to newlywed couples who prefer an adventurous honeymoon, choose Honeyfund. This online registry will help you come up with an estimation of your expenses throughout your potential adventure. You’ll need to specify your preferred honeymoon destination, hotel type, time of the year, and chosen daytime activities.

When the total cost of your honeymoon trip is identified, you can turn these expenses into your travel wish list. Isn’t this truly amazing?


Looking for a honeymoon registry site that is captivating enough for the guests? If yes, Wanderable is the answer.

This online registry comprises of a wish list and a space for photos. Plus, the service offers an iPhone app for free.

After the guests have gifted you the honeymoon fund via the website, they also receive a printable, complementary gift card. This is a great way to make it a tangible gift. On your wedding day, they’ll be able to give you a “real” gift for your honeymoon!

Traveler’s Joy

Whether you dream of a honeymoon trip in New Hampshire, Malibu, or Thailand, Traveler’s Joy promises to turn your dream into reality. With its easily navigable site, it will take just a few minutes to set up the fund page for your honeymoon. Plus, you’ll be getting the gift redemptions for free.

If you’re planning a truly memorable honeymoon trip, a great idea is to pack your wedding dress by registering a luggage in Traveler’s Joy. As you reach the honeymoon destination, relive your big day by wearing the wedding dress in your honeymoon! If you haven’t chosen the wedding dress yet, visit and check out these amazing dresses  to see if the mermaid style will look good even on your honeymoon.

Blueprint Registry

Love personalization?

If yes, check out Blueprint Registry.

By creating a personal page on this registry, you can itemize things you want honeymoon funds for (such as airline tickets, hotel stays, honeymoon adventures, and dinners at specific restaurants in your chosen destination).

Or if you want to keep it a surprise so you can directly show your honeymoon photos to friends and family, Blueprint Registry also enables you to simply create your honeymoon fund. This way, contributors will pay for the overall honeymoon rather than for specific trip activities.