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5 Key Ways You Can Go Solar On a Budget

5 Key Ways You Can Go Solar On a Budget

As utility bills continue to shoot up in most households, you are forced to figure out innovative ways to lower the costs of these expenses. One such innovation is by going solar.

Now, installing a solar power system for your entire home can be costly. But thanks to the advancement in technology, there are new low-cost ways for you to operate various gadgets and home appliances without using electricity.

Going solar doesn’t mean you have to break the bank. Keep reading for 5 key ways you can go solar on a budget.

1. Outdoor Solar Lights

There are many different kinds of outdoor solar lights available out there. These lights only run on solar power and are certainly more efficient than the usual electric lights. They are easy to set up and easy to use.

They give you maximum visibility for a long duration of time before you need to recharge. This is if your open-air lights are the portable type.

5 Key Ways You Can Go Solar On a Budget

2. Device Chargers

Do you own a tablet, a couple of phones, a mini laptop and other gadgets and devices that need frequent charging?

There are solar power banks designed just for the purpose of recharging these devices. They have features like a USB port that links from the solar power banks to whatever device.

Most solar power banks are portable and only need a little bit of sunlight exposure during the day. It turns the energy collected from the sun and stores it ready to recharge your small gadgets whenever the need arises.

3. Use Solar to Power Your Kitchen Appliances

No, you don’t need to change your kitchen appliances to make them compatible with the solar system. All you need to do is change the power source from your electric socket to the solar power bank.

With the help of a DC-to-AC inverter linked to a 25-watt solar power bank located right next to your window, you have enough power to use common kitchen appliances.

Talk of the toaster, the slow cooker, blender, coffee maker, sandwich maker, rice cooker and so on. At first, it may look like you’re saving very little, but collectively you will realize that you end up saving quite a lot on your electric bill in a year.

What’s more, you end up making a small contribution to make the world a better place by using green energy.

4. Water Heaters Help You Go Solar on a Budget

Solar water heaters come in different shapes and forms. There are so many needs for hot water in any household which can prove quite costly. To help you minimize costs without having to cut down on hot water use, solar water heaters come in handy.

The best type of solar compatible water heater is the ICS-Integrator collector system, which heats water using solar power and stores the water keeping it hot and always ready for use.

5. Power Your Shed or Cabin

You may have a shed in your home or a cabin out there in the woods. Such places are used infrequently and, therefore, don’t require constant power.

With a portable solar panel, you can have power available whenever you are at your cabin. Such panels are quite easy to fix and are great for outdoor activities like camping.

They also work well as a back-up for when there’s a storm or during harsh weather when the lights tend to go off.

Ready to Go Solar on a Budget?

Solar panels have become incredibly easy to install and use.

Above are some clever ways to go solar on a budget. With these options, you will reduce electricity expenses a great deal.

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