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5 Party Venue Ideas for a Kid’s Birthday

5 Party Venue Ideas for a Kid’s Birthday

Birthdays only happen once a year, and the time with your kids is limited. It’s important to make great memories while they’re young, and one of the best ways to make their childhood fun and memorable is by giving them a birthday party to remember. If you want to go the extra mile, a themed party is always popular with kids.

Some birthday themes are overdone or generic, so why not make your child’s party something that they love? Birthday themes can come in the form of well-known video games or shows like Minecraft, Fortnite, Spongebob, Pokémon, and more. The great thing about pop culture themes is that you can easily find and buy related birthday party kits in stores or online.

5 Party Venue Ideas for a Kid’s Birthday

Planning a party can be challenging especially if you have to do it all on your own. The groundwork will be easier once you’ve decided on a theme. If you’re looking for ideas for potential birthday party venues, here are some options you can check out.


Pool parties are popular summer-birthday-party destinations, and kids love wading in the water especially when the weather is hot. If you have an underwater-themed party, your local public pool is a good venue. Pool places are spacious enough to host a good number of people with plenty of space left to put tables for food, cake, and gifts. Make sure to employ lifeguards or have capable adults who are in the pool at all times supervise the kids to make sure nothing untoward happens during the party.

Movie Theaters

A movie theater is another potential and unique party place for your child’s birthday party. If you have the means or a budget, you can rent a whole movie theater for a few hours and make it exclusive for your kid’s party guests. Together you can all watch favorite flicks with popcorn and drinks plus games and cake after.

There are theaters out there that offer packages that already come with food and drinks, so do your research or make inquiries in your local neighborhood.

Skating Rink

For children who love to skate, the local rink is the perfect place for a birthday celebration. Renting the local rink is not as costly as you think, but do inquire for prices and inclusions. Some rentals offer a per-child price, and in cases like these, it’s best to RSVP so you have a good idea of the head count for the day. Just like in any other venue, you can have food, games, and music for everybody’s enjoyment.

Your Own Backyard

Having the party venue in your own backyard does not mean that you can’t make it grand or spectacular. There are a lot of advantages to this decision, including saving the money for renting a venue and having complete control over the set design of the birthday celebration.

If you need to hire performers, bouncy castles, or a set of stagelights, you can do so at whim without the unnecessary paperwork and red tape. It’s practical to rent pieces of special equipment, but there are others that you will need to invest in especially if holding parties in your backyard will be a regular occurrence that applies to any type of gathering. Don’t forget to check out something fun like balloon sculpting for the kids and adults to enjoy.

Art Studio

An art studio is a perfect place for the budding creatives who are always looking to draw, paint, or create crafts. There are a lot of options you can find in art centers, like pottery, knitting, and kid-friendly hobbies. There are some art studios that don’t allow food, so make sure to ask ahead of time, and tell them specifically that it will be for a children’s party.

Tips on Throwing a Party on a Budget

Parents want what’s best for their children, even give them the moon if they ask for it, but if your reality means scraping by every month, then you don’t need to throw them a party that is too extravagant. With enough planning, you can work with whatever budget you have as long as you are resourceful. When you need to buy stuff for the party, start looking for supplies early so you have time to look around to get the best-priced deals.

As for invitations, more and more people are going digital. It’s much more convenient, and people spend more time on their gadgets. If you have a large network, you can tap from it to look for resources such as deals and discounts on venues, foods, and even cakes. 

What are the most unexpected kid-friendly venues can you suggest? Share your tips below.

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Marisela Zuniga

These are great ideas, my son’s birthday is coming up soon

Debra Oehlberg

Sometimes simpler is best!


I like the idea of a pool party or water park party for summer birthdays. Most kids enjoy the water and you have lifeguards and staff at the venue to help watch the kids.