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5 Practical Ways To Check A Used Car

5 Practical Ways To Check A Used Car


Shopping for a used car is something that we have always done. Not that we couldn’t go and buy a newer automobile, but in fact, we usually prefer older vehicles because they still have lots of use still in them. We recently updated to a 2004 Trailblazer and it fits our needs perfectly. Buying used cars is a great way to help save your budget and get something nicer so for families like mine it is a great compromise.

But when it comes to time to start the used car hunt you will want to do your homework. Here are five practical ways to check a new to you used car.

  1.  Test drive the vehicle before you sign anything. This allows you to check brakes, transmission, lights, heating/air conditioning, vents, and so on. If something doesn’t work properly most of the dealerships or car dealers we have worked with make it right before we drive off of the lot.
  1.  Check out the inside, outside, and everywhere in between. I check for holes in the seats, clean interior, and of course that there is a spare tire and all of the tools included. Mr. LWH checks for rust, damages, scratches and cracks on the exterior of the vehicle while I do the interior.
  1.  Mileage check we check to make sure that the mileage is about average. We tend to buy vehicles with less than 120,000 miles on them as a rule of thumb. But the average driver drivers about 13,000 miles in a year so we try to do the math as well to ensure we are getting a great deal.
  1.  Take the vehicle to another mechanic for a checkup. This of course usually costs you a small fee but it could mean that you stay clear of the “lemon” of a vehicle if they find something majorly wrong.
  1.  Getting a Carfax report is also a great way to know that the car is really in the condition you think it is. We got a Carfax on our last vehicle directly from the dealer himself and I was more than impressed with the amount of knowledge we gained just by reading the report.

Do your research, and never settle for something you don’t love and check out Bodwell Chrysler Jeep Dodge  for all of your vehicle needs!  Happy Car Buying!!  What other tips do you have to help check out a new car?

5 Practical Ways To Check A Used Car

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5 Practical Ways to Check A Used Car

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