5 Reasons to Buy an Inflatable Boat

5 Reasons to Buy an Inflatable Boat

With all the modern choices available today, inflatable boats are reliable, safe, and cost-efficient. Here are five of the best reasons why they might be the best option for you.


The versatility alone makes investing in an inflatable boat worthwhile. Inflatable boats can be used for almost anything you can do with a traditional boat, like fishing, rafting, paddling, floating, or even rescuing. They are also extremely portable, and can be deflated and stored in a much smaller space. In fact, some are small enough to check with your luggage on airlines.

5 Reasons to Buy an Inflatable Boat


Prices vary a great deal for different types of inflatable boats, but it’s still safe to say that any of them will cost less than other types of boats. For a very small investment, you can get a boat that meets your needs and can be on the water by the weekend, all without renting a trailer or dock space. This means you not only save on the cost of the boat itself, but on all the other costs typically associated with owning one.


You might think an inflatable boat is not as safe as a traditional boat, but you’d be wrong. Most of them are designed to provide proper inflation on all sides, making them extremely stable. This makes them even safer than hard boats in most cases, since hard boats are more easily tipped over by heavy waves, or when swimmers try to reboard. And if you’re concerned about them puncturing, rest assured that most of them are constructed with multiple air channels so that even if one is damaged, the others will keep the boat afloat.

If you own another type of boat, especially one you’ll be taking into deep ocean waters, it’s a good idea to have an inflatable boat onboard in case a rescue becomes necessary. They don’t take up a lot of space, so they can be stowed under seats or tied on-deck for use when needed.

Another area where inflatable boats outshine hard-shell boats is in their durability. These boats are much stronger and harder to damage than you would think. Most are made out of heavy-duty materials and can withstand brushes with jagged rocks or other sharp surfaces. A hard boat constructed from fiberglass, on the other hand, can become cracked or damaged when they come into contact with rough objects.


Owning a hard-shell boat is not a task for the lazy. They require tons of regular cleaning tasks such as scrubbing, waxing, carpet care, window cleaning, and degreasing. Not to mention all the other typical maintenance chores such as changing the oil, degreasing the engine, and inspecting the propeller. An inflatable boat, on the other hand, only needs to be rinsed off and allowed to dry before deflating most of the time.

An inflatable boat is a low-maintenance, inexpensive way to become a boat owner sooner than you might have imagined. And even if you still have dreams of owning a more traditional boat, starting out with an inflatable model is a good way to test out a boat and decide whether or not it really is for you. Or maybe you’ve never even thought of owning a boat because you didn’t realize there were affordable options available. Either way, an inflatable boat can be a fun investment for your entire family to enjoy for years to come.



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