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5 Simple Vow Renewal Ideas

5 Simple Vow Renewal Ideas

A vow renewal is merely a method of celebrating your marriage and your partner. Unlike a wedding ceremony, there is no legal paperwork with a vow renewal, giving you and your spouse the perfect opportunity to have fun and plan a meaningful event. The time you’ve been together is not of the essence. Some couples opt to renew their vows on special anniversaries, for example, the ten-year mark while others renew their vows each year. Here are a few useful ideas on how you can start planning a celebration to honor your love for each other and commemorating your relationship.

5 Simple Vow Renewal Ideas

1.      Getting The Family Aboard

It’s not necessary to get a minister to officiate the ceremony, but it is an option. If you want to make the event a little more informal, you can ask a friend, family member, or spiritual advisor to lead the vow ceremony. If you have kids, you can get them on board as well. You can ask them to join you when you and your spouse exchange vows or when you give a toast at the after-party.

2.      A Surprise Affair

Generally, you and your significant other will be involved with planning your vow renewal ceremony. However, if your spouse loves surprises and is a bit on the romantic side, then a surprise, an unrehearsed route may be the best way to go. Consider a surprise weekend getaway or planning an intimate ceremony with just you and a few close friends or family. You can check for some inspiration.

3.      Hosting It At Your Favorite Restaurant

With a vow renewal, you can have the ceremony anywhere, in chapels, banquet hall, on the beach, in churches, outdoors or even in your living room or back yard. However, if you really want to elevate the occasion and keep costs low, why not consider hosting the party at a restaurant, which holds special meaning to you and your spouse. Maybe it’s where you went on your first date, or it’s your favorite Friday night pizza restaurant.

4.      Wedding Accessories

Because this is a more informal event, you don’t have to dress up to a tee, but you can maybe wear a unique piece to commemorate your wedding day. Maybe wearing a piece of jewelry that your husband gave you. This gesture would be the perfect romantic touch to get your partner’s heart beating faster.

5.      Upgrading Your Wedding Ring

Upgrading your wedding rings can be a lovely way of celebrating the time you’ve spent together. Perhaps consider doing something simple as engraving the date of your renewal ceremony or maybe choosing new bands to match the lifestyle you and your partner adopted over the past years. For instance, if you enjoy the outdoors and regularly go on excursions, maybe consider silicone wedding bands to wear when you’re out and about. Many people opt for silicone rings nowadays because there is no need to take it off when you’re worried about it getting lost. People working in labor-intensive fields can keep their rings on since it doesn’t pose a risk of hand injuries in case things go south. It is designed to break when it gets caught on something.

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