5 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Hairdryer That Is Suited For Your Tresses

When you are in the market for buying the perfect hairdryer, spending more money on a high-quality model, which is ideally suited for your hair type can drastically, improve the overall health of your strands. Buying a suitable blow dryer can lower the chances of having brittle and damaged hair. The chief considerations when shopping for a hairdryer is the material type, weight, wattage, and specialty features.

1.     Power Settings

This will assist in drying your hair faster. Look for models with higher wattage (1800W or more) when you have thin hair. Several professional hairdryers come with wattage as high as 3600W. While these dryers are typically your pricier options, they are an ideal choice for curly or thick hair. They can cut the drying time in half, meaning your hair will be exposed to less damage.

5 Tips for Choosing The Perfect Hair dryer

2.     Tourmaline & Ceramic Can Become Your Best Friends

If you want to attain beautiful smooth-looking tresses, then blow dryers with tourmaline or ceramic technology is the perfect choices. Ceramic is suitable for controlling hear and distributing heat more uniformly. Tourmaline, on the other hand, is an excellent mineral that results in smooth hair by sealing the hair cuticles and maintaining moisture. It is efficient in combatting frizz while assisting your hair with retaining much-needed moisture. Hair dryer reviews can also give you an indication of which blow dryers are your best options.


3.     A Cool Shot Setting

This magical setting is perfect for “setting” the style. For instance, if you’re making use of a round brush to obtain more volume and bounce and smoothing the hair, utilize the cool shot setting once your hair is dry and for setting the style.


4.     Blow Dryer Attachments

A nozzle attachment is perfect for obtaining smooth hair. This assists with focusing on airflow, so it blows directly onto the area that requires smoothing. Make sure you are pointing the nozzle downwards to avoid flyaway when drying your hair. A diffuser that comes with hairdryers is a great attachment to use for curly hair since it helps with spreading out the airflow of the dryer.


5.     Power and Heat Controls

Higher settings are used for removing most of the moisture from your hair. Lower settings are used for styling your hair when it is about eighty percent dry. This option is particularly suitable for damaged hair. It’s not always necessary to blow dry your hair on high power and high heat. Blow dryers with multiple heat settings are excellent choices.



The perfect dryer doesn’t have to be pricey. If you do your exploration and shop around, you can find a model that possesses several of the qualities mentioned above from any major retail store. Keep in mind; professional blow dryers are designed for blow-drying hair of multiple clients, sometimes as many as eight clients per day for five days in a typical week. That is why these tools are super-efficient and multi-functional, making them an exceptional choice.

5 Tips For Choosing The Perfect Hairdryer That Is Suited For Your Tresses