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5 Top Health and Safety Risks Affecting Teenagers in the United States

5 Top Health and Safety Risks Affecting Teenagers in the United States

1. Accidents

Motor vehicle accidents are the top cause of death when it comes to teenagers in the US. According to the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention), seven teens aged between 16 and 19 die daily due to motor vehicle accident injuries. More of them undergo treatment in emergency rooms daily due to critical injuries resulting from these accidents. Prior to letting your teen drive a car or become a passenger in a vehicle driven by a teen, it is essential to comprehend the most significant dangers that lead to teen deaths in car accidents. Learn the actual risks and educate your teen regarding safe driving tips and advice.

5 Top Health and Safety Risks Affecting Teenagers in the United States

2. Drug Addiction

Nearly every American teenager will be exposed to drug and alcohol use at some point before reaching adulthood. Many will choose to go one step further and try these substances themselves. According to findings provided by a leading adolescent rehab center in California, nearly 70-percent of American high school students will have tried alcohol, with 50-percent having tried an illegal drug of some kind. One out of five will have taken prescription pain pills for recreational purposes by this time as well. The message is simple: drug and alcohol use presents a real danger to the health and safety of teens.


3. Suicide

This is the number three death cause for teenagers in the US, with about nine percent of high school students having attempted suicide. More teens have thought about doing it, despite not going ahead with the plan. Many factors result in teen suicide, including depression, drug abuse, loneliness, and family problems. The problems are complicated and don’t arise from one or two causes. Teens who harbor excellent communication with at least one adult have a less likelihood of engaging in risky behaviors and becoming depressed.

4. Violence

According to research, over 16,000 teenagers aged between 12 and 19 in the US die annually due to violence. Teens can experience various violent situations. A study by the CDC of students between grades six and ten revealed that almost 33 percent were bullied or were engaging in bullying behavior. About 33 percent of high school students in another national survey stated that they had carried a gun or a knife at least once within the month prior to the study. Hence, it is paramount that you learn the risk factors for teenage violence. Educate your teenagers regarding the dangers and strategies for keeping them safe. Also, ensure you discuss dating violence because violence and abuse can take place in romantic relationships.

5. Teen Pregnancy

Teen pregnancy has reduced in recent years when compared to the 1980s and 1990s. In 2012, just about 29 in 1000 girls aged between 15 and 19 were pregnant, according to a study by CDC. The decline is as a result of the use of birth control, which has led to fewer unplanned pregnancies. However, the teens who got pregnant faced the risks of pregnancy complications as a result of injury or illness to the child or unborn child.

As a parent, you must educate your child regarding all these risks and offer them strategies of avoiding them. This way, teenagers will be more careful and safer than before.

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Melissa Storms

There is so much to worry about when raising a teen. It makes it hard when they are headstrong, but I think keeping yourself educated and up to date on what they are facing each day is your best weapon.