5 Valentine’s Gifts That Clearly Say “I Love You”

When it comes to showing your significant other that you love them, there’s no more pertinent holiday to do so than Valentine’s Day. If you love someone, you’re expected to treat them extra-special on Valentine’s Day, and pull out all the stops to show your love. This includes a special date night, words of affirmation, and romantic gifts. Depending on how serious your relationship is, you might get a Valentine’s gift that’s either lavish and luxurious, or a traditional display of classic romance. Either way, the romantic gesture will always be appreciated. There are many gift ideas out there for Valentine’s Day, but in this list we are going to focus on very romantic gifts that send a message to someone that they are very loved. Rather than gifts that are sexy or funny, these gift ideas are all about displaying feelings of true love. Below are 5 Valentine’s gifts that definitely send the message “I love you”:

1. Gold Rose

A natural rose dipped in a coating of 24-karat gold is what’s called an Eternity Rose, and it’s one of the most romantic gifts you can get for someone you love. The 24-karat gold coating preserves the rose for eternity, and it is a natural rose preserved in its ideal state of bloom. It turns into a solid gold rose, and since roses are iconic symbols of love, it’s perfect for Valentine’s Day. Since this gift is incredibly unique, your partner will truly appreciate the thought that went behind it and they will be genuinely surprised when they open a box to see a pure gold rose.

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2. Flowers and Chocolate

A box of chocolates with a bouquet of red roses is the most classic and traditional Valentine’s Day gift. Many people appreciate a traditional display of classic romance such as the charming gesture of chocolates and flowers. You can get a heart-shaped box of chocolates, or get decadent gourmet chocolates such as Royce chocolates. Show how well you know your partner by carefully choosing flavors you know they love. If they can see that you carefully selected flavors for them, it shows that you didn’t thoughtlessly buy any old box of chocolates. Combine these sweet treats with a bouquet of flowers, and you’re a bona fide romantic. 

3. Diamond Earrings

A diamond is forever, and diamonds symbolize a strong and lasting love. If you really want to do something extra-special and lavish, surprise your partner with sparkly diamonds. Find an affordable retailer that sources ethical diamonds, and arrange a meeting. Many boutique diamond retailers will ask you what your budget is and work with you to find something special that fits your budget. A gift like this is above-and-beyond what they’d expect to receive, and if your love for them is above-and-beyond, it’s perfect.

4. Heart Locket 

Jewelry is always a romantic gift, especially if it’s heart-shaped for Valentine’s Day. A heart-shaped locket, for example, is a lovely gift because you can thoughtfully choose a heart locket with a unique design and put a photo of your two lovebirds inside of it. It would be very special to put a photo of the two of you inside the locket and present this adorable gift on Valentine’s Day. Plenty of jewelry stores sell heart-shaped jewelry and lockets, so you shouldn’t have a problem finding one that you love. Get the piece you’ve chosen engraved and make it an extra-special, customized Valentine’s Day gift.


Valentine's Day Gift Ideas5. “Reasons Why I Love You” Book

An extremely thoughtful and unique gift that shows exactly how much you careis a personalized “Reasons Why I Love You” book. You can get this made by printing special photos of the two of you, creating a scrapbook, buying some craft materials, and making your own book. You can also opt for a professionally created book where you submit your photos and words you’d like to share, and leave it in a professional company’s hands to get the book made in hard cover. Simply come up with 10 reasons why you love your partner, with photos that symbolize each reason, and put it all together in a book. Your partner will probably start crying when they open this gift because it’s that loving and thoughtful.