6 Birthday Surprises for Family Abroad

6 Birthday Surprises for Family Abroad

Most people never know the struggle of being away from their loved ones during special occasions – most people spend their whole lives within 30 miles of their birthplace.

However, if you now live abroad or your loved ones do, you’ll know how dearly you miss them during the yearly special occasions; like birthdays, religious holidays and Christmas.

During these special times, it’s so important to connect with your family abroad to make up for not being there, so they always know how close they remain to you in your heart.

We’d always advise a Skype call on a birthday, but this list of surprises isn’t like that – these surprises are great ways to give those you love a treat they wouldn’t expect from someone so far away.

6 Birthday Surprises for Family Abroad

Deliver Flowers

Who doesn’t love flowers? A nice bouquet of flowers (or two, or three) fills a home with delight – beautiful colors, that gorgeous heady smell.

Contacting a local florist and getting a gargantuan bunch of fleurs delivered is a great way to show your family member how much you miss and love them on their birthday. Fill their home with light and color to remind them that they’re a light in your life.

Buy them an Experience

Wherever you are in the world, there will always be somewhere nearby that offers day out gifts for your loved ones.

If your Mum loves cooking, consider enrolling her in a pastry making course near her new villa in France – she’s guaranteed to adore you for it. If you have a little brother in India, why not get him a ride on elephant for himself and someone close to him, to create a memorable birthday adventure he’ll never forget.

Transfer some Money

If you’ve moved abroad to make a better life for your family at home, why not chip them a bit of extra cash on their birthday? These extra funds go the way to making their day extra special and give them a bit of extra income which they can spend on a treat.

Money is perhaps not the most thoughtful gift, but it does give the receiver the most freedom to choose how to spend it. Using an app like Pangea to send money abroad may really help you send your loved ones money on their birthday.

Send a Cake

A cake is a crucial part of any birthday. Let them know you still care about all the details which make a birthday special and pay a local baker to make and send them a cake – a surprise that’s even better if the cake has candles in it!

A personalized message on a cake is sure to wet the eyes of your loved one on their special day, and lets them know just how much you care, even though you’re apart. If the area in which they live isn’t known for its cakes, send them some local pastries – baklava is cakelike enough for them to get the gist.

A Personal Family Video

We know archival, vintage family footage is all the range at the minute thanks to the Kardashians. But there’s a reason it’s so prolific – and that’s because it’s really, really cute.

If you’ve got any old VHS of your early family memories lying around, why not dig them out and make a DVD with spliced footage of some special days of early family life. This kind of gift is something they will truly treasure forever – and gives those you love something to remind them that they are forever in your hearts.

Fly Out!

This is the most expensive option – but also the most fun. If you think you can spare the cash this year, and have enough holiday allowance, go for it!

Fly out and wish your family member a very Happy Birthday, while giving them a birthday they’ll never forget. Because really, gifts are one thing – but being with those you love on their special day is so much better.



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