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6 Food Habits That Do More Harm for Your Teeth Than Good

6 Food Habits That Do More Harm for Your Teeth Than Good

Everyone has different eating habits for different reasons. Some people stick to a healthy diet plan so they can meet fitness goals, and some folks simply eat what they want but in moderation. 

Aside from all the common reasons why someone might change their eating habits, there’s one major reason that a lot of people don’t even pay attention to: tooth decay. There are several foods that can severely damage your teeth. Here is a list of 6 foods you should avoid to prevent damage to your teeth:

  1. Ice

Ice-chewing is a very common habit. A lot of people do this to lose weight because it distracts them from being hungry. For others, it’s just something to do when they’re bored. But, chewing ice can actually cause a lot of damage to your teeth.

While ice is made of water, which doesn’t have any additives or sugar, it’s not the nutritional makeup of ice that makes this habit bad for your teeth. Chewing on ice can actually damage your enamel and even break teeth.

If you’re having trouble curbing this habit, try chewing on baby carrots or apples. If your cravings don’t subside, consult a medical professional because ice cravings are usually a sign of anemia.

  1. Coffee

Black coffee is good for you. What isn’t good for you is the sugary additives that go into the coffee. Excessive amounts of sugar can lead to tooth decay. Drinking too much coffee can also stain your teeth and make your mouth feel dry.

If you’re an avid coffee-drinker, try and limit the amount of sugar you put into your coffee and brush your teeth after having a cup. If your mouth begins to feel dry, hydrate with lots of water. 

If you begin to notice signs of tooth decay, consult a dentist immediately. Vellore Woods Dentist is considered by many as the best dentist in Woodbridge, and they can help reverse signs of tooth decay.

6 Food Habits That Do More Harm for Your Teeth Than Good

  1. Potato Chips

This applies to many crunchy foods, but potato chips are arguably the most common. When you snack on foods like potato chips, a lot of the food particles get stuck in your teeth. Unless you floss frequently, which few people do, those particles will cause plaque build-up.

To combat this, either minimize the number of potato chips you eat or floss to remove those leftover food particles. Either way, flossing every day is important.

  1. Soda

Soda is bad for your teeth because of all the added sugar that can contribute to tooth decay. Sodas are also full of citric and phosphoric acid, which erode tooth enamel and leave your teeth vulnerable to other dental issues.

Soda can even go past the enamel and reach the dentin layer. Because of this, you can develop deep cavities that eventually lead to missing teeth. Rather than drink soda, opt for a cleaner beverage like water or tea. Your smile will thank you for it.

  1. Alcohol

The reason alcohol is so bad for your teeth is that it dries out your mouth. Without regulated saliva production, your teeth are at risk. Saliva washes away food particles and ensures that food doesn’t stick to your teeth.

Saliva can also prevent other oral problems like gum disease and tooth decay. To prevent dry mouth, stay hydrated and use fluoride rinses.

  1. Citrus 

Excess amounts of citrus fruits can erode enamel because of their acid content. If your enamel is weakened, then your teeth will be more susceptible to decay. The acid in citrus fruits can also irritate any mouth sores you have.

To ensure you reap the positive benefits of citrus fruits without the negatives, eat acidic fruits in moderation. Another simple thing you can do is rinse your mouth out with water to clear out any residual acid on your teeth.

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