6 Simple Easter gift ideas

6 Simple Easter gift ideas

Easter will be here before you know it and it’s time to start preparing! Easter is that time of year where gifts can be as creative as you want. If you don’t know what you’re getting your kids for Easter, here are some great gift ideas:

6 Simple Easter Basket Gift Ideas

  • Batman Easter Basket: With the new Batman movie being all the rage, your child is sure to love a batman themed Easter basket. A simple black basket would work. Fill it with batman figurines, batman candy, and all things batman. You could, also, add a little black and yellow grass to add to it. Some simple batman stickers can really spice up your basket as well.
  • Minion Basket: This is a cute idea that you can make yourself. Simply get a solid, round, yellow bucket and put some paper glasses on it. Fill it with blue and yellow minion eggs. Switch the blue bottom eggs out with the yellow top eggs, add googol eyes, and candy.
  • An Easter Blanket: Little throw blankets come in handy with little ones. Find some Easter themed ducks, bunnies, eggs, or chicks fleece material. Lay your two pieces of fleece fabric together, cut 3-4 inches from each corner, and cut fringe slits 3 inches deep. Tie your fringes together for a simple homemade Easter Blanket.
  • An Easter Pillow: You can make an Easter pillow almost exactly like the Easter blanket. Before you tie all the sides up, however, add in as much stuffing as you feel is necessary then continue tying for a homemade Easter pillow. The great thing about these pillows is you can make them any size you want. Make them big enough to lounge on like a bean bag or small enough to fit on a bed.
  • Pets: A great gift for the kiddos is a fluffy pet bunny. Pets are a great way to teach your kids responsibility and how to take care of an animal. You are, also, sure to hear screams of joy as your kid walks in to see a bunny.
  • Easter Hat Basket: A great gift for a little girl is an Easter hat filled with all things girly. From ribbons and bows to bunnies and nail polish. Girls love to put on beaded necklaces, bracelets and hats, so have fun finding girlie stuff.
  • Dinotrux Easter Basket: We all know that I love Dinotrux because they are adorable and everyone loves them. But this year we are giving away a Dinotrux Themed Easter basket to make someone’s Easter a little bit brighter.

Dinotrux Easter Basket

“I’m going to say the giant flying Pteracopters are the coolest. And they’re a little afraid our fierce new laser-eyed Stealth Scrapadactyls.” – David


Be sure you download the DinoTrux App, whip up some exploding ore cupcakes, and some Ty-Totally Cherry drink to sip on! Then send the kids home with some Ore to munch on after the party! Download your DinoTrux Coloring Sheets too!

“The important stuff for the Dinotrux and our audience is still friendship and cooperation, building instead of destroying. But our adventures this season also teach us a lot about patience and extending the friendship of your community to anybody in need and sometimes, even your enemies.” – Ron

“It’s our most fun season so far and we can’t wait till everybody sees it.” – David

Season 4 Synopsis:
The Dinotrux face the biggest and baddest challenges yet in all-new episodes of DreamWorks Dinotrux! When D-Structs teams with other villains, Splitter, Blayde, and Pounder, the Dinotrux must enlist the community and use their smartest builds to keep the crater safe! But after an even more enormous threat comes to the crater, Ty & D-Structs must put their differences aside and work together! Don’t miss a build with all-new episodes in season 4 only on Netflix March 31!

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6 Simple Easter Basket Gift Ideas



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Kelly Freeman

Thanks for the chance!

Kelly Freeman


Janice Dean

My grandsons love Dinotrux!

Amber Cheras

Ty Rux is my favorite character!!

Andrea Peregretti

Ty Rux is my favorite!

judith paulin

but ty rux is pretty cute

judith paulin

ive never heard of this toy

Angelica Dimeo

I like Ty Rux

Melissa Hilton

My son loves “Ty Rux, Revvit, an Ton-Ton, but not Skya”

Jennifer H.

That would be TY.

John H.

I would say TY.

belinda bell

I like Ty Rux. The kids like it the best.

Teresa Williams

I would have to say Ty Rux .That’s most of the kids favorite

Kayla Klontz

My favorite is Ty!


Revit! I’m lying; I have never heard of these guys and I even have Netflix…

I would have to say Ty Rux is my grandson’s favorite right now. He loves this show!

Christy Caldwell

My kiddo says Ty is his favorite. He’s obsessed with all things dinosaurs.

Mya Murphy

I am totally new to them.. lol. I’m so out of the loop.

Candace Galan

My fave is Ace because my boys love him too!

Jon Heil

It seems ok, but who knows

Emily Gareis

These are adorable – Ty Rux would really be a hit with my grandson!


We love Revvit! He’s a cutie


Ty Rux is super cute. What a cute idea for toys for kids! I am sure kids will love these.

Barbara Pollini

Great giveaway. Hope we win. Happy Easter


We haven’t watched dinotrux but I’m positive my boys will love it!


We love Revvit!

Maggie M

My 2 year old LOVES Dozer!

Leah Shumack

Garby is one of our favorites!

Rania R

My kids love Blayde !

K. Elizabeth

Revvit is my favorite because he always tries to be the voice of reason. My son loves Ty because he’s a t-rex.