Ways to Say Goodbye to Your Child’s Old Clothes

You had bought so many clothes for your kids because you enjoyed dressing them up and they simply looked adorable in whatever they wore. But seasons come and go. Now your babies have all grown. They have become precocious, lively toddlers, and you’re buying new clothes because the old ones don’t fit them anymore.

Your closets are quickly running out of space, and the clothes keep piling up. Soon enough, you’ll have a mountain of clothing. What can you do about old clothes? Here are a few ideas.


Sell Them

The usual route is to have a yard sale, where you can display the clothes in boxes, racks, and hangers. You can also sell the clothes online if you don’t have enough space for a physical store or the time to tend to a physical store. Selling clothes online is especially helpful if you want to reach more potential customers.

Give Them to Younger Siblings, Cousins, or Friends

If there are family members, neighbors, or friends of your children who can fit in these clothes, then give the clothes to them. Negative stereotypes about wearing hand-me-downs abound in popular culture.


Those shouldn’t hinder you from giving away clothes to those who can actually use them, though. Hand-me-downs mean that you’re being practical and you don’t want to throw away something that still has a use.

Repurpose Them

There are so many ways your kid’s old clothes can be used for some other purpose. You can repurpose them as costumes, potholders, accessories, toys, cutout letters, and even quilts. It’s simply an exercise in creativity, and lots of DIY projects are found on the internet.

Recycle Them

Yes, there is such a thing as textile recycling, in which old clothes can be segregated according to the materials they are made of. Usually, textiles are recycled based on the forms in which they can be used: rags, fiber, or reuse. There are facilities that cater to textile recycling. Look for one that’s nearest to you.

Swap Them

Try enlisting the help of other parents to organize a clothes swap. Pack your own sets of children’s clothes to give, and then gather in the house of one of the attendees. There, you exchange the items you want for those clothes that the other attendees want. It would be best if the clothing sizes vary so that there are many options.

A few reminders…

You can do so many things with the clothes your children have outgrown. Don’t let these clothes get eaten by moths or leave them smelling musty in the closets. The alternative options listed above can help you avoid clutter and accumulating unnecessary items at home.