8 Best Exercises for Feet, Hands and Back That You Can Do at Work 

Is it even possible to get strong muscles and slim waist while you work? It sounds almost too good to be true. To train while working and hit two birds with one stone. With tight clothes, heels on the feet and colleagues who are most likely to wonder what the heck you are doing it probably won’t be that easy.

8 Best Exercises for Feet, Hands and Back That You Can Do at Work

My vision is that all employers should encourage sneak training and maybe even reward it. Companies have everything to gain and nothing to lose. We know that movement increases creativity as well as joy and learning. 

Take the desk, for example. There are lots of exercises that you can do around it. Exercise with a cord, towel or shawl, or do something as simple as standing up ten times on the rake, doing some push-ups against the wall, or easily move your wrist for greater hand comfort.

8 Best Exercises for Feet, Hands and Back That You Can Do at Work

In the following lines, we will present to you some ideas on how you can do exercises at work and both keep your body in shape and pain-free.

Stretch Your Wrist Once an Hour

Think about it. How often do you have a working flow? For the most part, your work focused only for short moments. Stopping for once an hour does not negatively affect the job result, but working endlessly will undoubtedly if anything change your hands. Sitting still as we do today is something new that we are not at all made for and basically now it’s all about having to create the conditions for the body to maintain a full working life. 

That means that the time has come for us all of us who work long hours at the office to get wrist brace and do a little practice to keep our hands rested and in good condition. This is how you can easily exercise your wrist at any time in the office:

Rest your arm on the armrest of the armrest and hold the palm and wrist in the air. Then bend the wrist down until you feel a stretch. Then slowly raise the palm of your hand and point your fingers upwards so that you recognize a tension again. Do this with ten repeats on each wrist.

Don’t Forget About Your Feet Too

At work, you don’t want to get sweaty, but if you do something powerful physically once an hour, you still have a movement that makes you feel better and stay active and healthy. For example, do exercises and stretches for plantar fasciitis and five squats twice each morning and afternoon.

 A super simple and effective routine to keep your feet active and overall increase the feeling of being in a movement when you haven’t really moved anywhere. 

In any case, follow these simple steps to exercise your feet while in the office.

1. Bend and Stretch the Toes

Lie or sit. Bend and stretch in the toes. Large movements from outer to the outer position. 20-30 times in each direction. Repeat twice and do exercise several times a day.

2. Sprinkle with Your Toes

Lie or sit. Spread with your toes, relax and repeat 20-30 times. Repeat twice. Do exercise several times a day.

3. Angle the Foot Inwards and Outwards

Lie or sit. Angle the foot inwards (soles of feet toward each other) and outwards (soles of feet apart). Large movements from outer to the outer position. 20-30 times in each direction. Repeat twice. Do exercise several times a day.

Exercising Your Back Might Be the Smartest Thing to Do If You Have a Desk Job

A strong back is extremely important, not only when you exercise but also in everyday life – especially if you have a sedentary job which is becoming more and more common. 

It can improve posture, increase mobility and prevent future injuries. Therefore the handiest thing that you can get for this exercise is foam tube roller which is both easy to carry and use. 

Back exercises are easy to do at work as there is a rich flora of activities that only require your body weight. Excellent examples are the abdominal diagonal back lift (lift the right arm and left leg-hold still-go down-then left arm-right leg, repeat) and also the plank (which is an excellent abdominal muscle exercise). 

To do the famous plank simply lie straight and lace the elbows and toes on the ground. Rotate the hip forward and remember that the eyes should be above the thumbs. Tighten your stomach and hold the position for as long as you can.

You shouldn’t be afraid of a little pain. That probably applies to all training and effort at all. We can train even if it does a bit “good hurt.” but all in favour of future healthy posture.


Pushups are a super exercise where the whole body gets to work, there is no doubt, after a few hours at the computer that is precisely what above all your neck and my shoulders need. However, going down to the floor and starting to laud gladiator in the face of all the workmates is a lot of attention. 

What you can ideally do is to wait for the colleagues to leave or do a couple of small series against the wall or chair if the standard exercise on the floor is too much for you. 

Remember that as we said this exercise is the one that works your whole body so if that makes a lot of pressure that you can’t handle then move on to more simple exercises.

Seat Draw

Pull your desk chair back and forth against the table. Allow the elbows to bend parallel to the chest and feet to rest on the lower part of the chair. Repeat ten times. Note Required that you have wheels on the chair and that it stands on a good base for rolling.

That sounds pretty easy but is a lot harder than you might think. It’s beneficial for the shoulders! Extra plus because it is an exercise that does not make you feel like a fool to do. A bit like being on your way to the printer but regretting it a few times.

Tilt Aside and Stretch

Raise your hands and tighten the shawl between them, then lean in one direction and then the other and stretch. Look up at the shawl and do not lose the trunk and pelvic floor muscles in the meantime. 

Stretching aside is easy and neither particularly embarrassing nor sweaty – and damn what much more effective will it be with the shawl tighten around your hands! Your entire torso will rejoice afterwards.

Lift with Both Legs

Hold on to your stomach as you lift both legs a few inches off the floor – and hold for ten seconds. Repeat.

That is a perfect stealth exercise! You can even continue to work while you are practicing, but that is not something that we suggest obviously but rather to place something between your feet as you raise them for extra effort and results.

Lift with One Leg Under the Desk

While sitting on the office chair, lift one leg a few inches off the floor and then tighten your thigh for ten seconds. Repeat ten times.

Hard as just the one, but effective and easy to do without anybody’s attention. In any case, if you can not avoid grimacing while you exercise, but the results are more then fruitful.

In Conclusion

Those were eight suggestions for easy but very useful exercises that you can do at work. It gets sad, and a bit of frightening that we neglect our health so much for the work results and nearly no one among us recognizes office as a place where you can comfortably do some stretching. 

Carefully go over all the exercises that we suggested and find the ideal one to do while you have no duties or ideally find the one that you can do at the same time as you work. 

Remember that your back and hands are the ones who take the most damage, so starting from these essential parts of our body is never a bad idea, to begin with. We hope that we helped you in search for the best exercise to do while at work and we wish you that you keep the best imaginable posture even when working long hours in the office. Don’t forget to check out these ways to improve your mental health too!