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9 Reasons eReaders are Perfect for Kids

9 Reasons eReaders are Perfect for Kids

9 Reasons eReaders are Perfect for Kids

You’ve got a little boy whose birthday is coming up and you still haven’t found the perfect educational gift for him yet. Don’t let despair set in. If you’re having a tough time picking out a suitable one this year, then consider buying an eReader for your child.

  1. Lifehacker says one benefit to reading is the empathy it teaches us. That’s a crucial skill for kids to learn. With stories, they can live through different worlds, situations, and characters. This gives them a glimpse into what it’s like to walk in other people’s shoes. In addition, ereaders are often interactive, which adds another layer of fun to the experience.
  2. Reading helps enhance and improve curiosity, according to Pulptastic. When curiosity develops in a kid, that becomes a lifelong advantage. When kids are curious, they push for answers. They ask. They want to understand. This means they won’t just blindly accept instructions, rules, ideas or concepts, not until they get a handle on what it’s about. That means you’re raising kids who are going to be more critical about things, an enviable skill to have and one that’ll help them make a successful career for themselves in the future.
  3. Bed times are fun times for kids. If they find reading books a bit boring, you can bring back the fun with interactive storytelling. With eReaders, not only will your kids love the story, they’ll love the sounds, color, and movements too. That gives your kids more things to love about reading before bedtime.
  4. By providing your kids with awesome memories of how you taught him how to read or count, your kids are more likely to become readers. Because they associate warm, fuzzy feelings of happiness with reading, they have a positive relationship with the activity and are more likely to develop a stronger and enduring love for reading. With many types of e-readers out there, you won’t have a problem picking out the ideal Nook Samsung tablet for your kid.
  5. Focus. Reading requires concentration. By giving children eReaders, you’re helping them improve their concentration skills. A handy side-benefit to this, of course, is early detection of medical conditions in children. For instance, you’ll see if your kid is developing a bit slower or faster than what the learning curve suggests. Some forms of autism don’t develop until a kid is 3 years old. With these learning tools, it’ll help you see if your kid’s learning skills are regressing and as a result bring your kid in for consultation and treatment.
  6. Stories are a great way to approach topics that might be new for your kid. But it’s also a great way for kids to approach you about things that are on their mind but find it hard to say or verbalize. For instance, a lot of kids often worry about being replaced when they first hear that you’re going to have another baby in the family. By reading a story about how fun it is to have a kid brother or sister, you’re basically opening the floor for that conversation. That way, you can ease your kid’s fear, answer questions he might have, and reassure him of his place in the family.
  7. The Huffington Post says reading helps people relax. If you see signs that you’re raising an anxious child, one way to help him deal with his anxiety is to get him started on reading. Reading tends to take him on an adventure, so it’s easy for him to forget what his troubles and worries were. While books are great, getting him an eReader can be a better choice, especially if he likes a particular book series. With an eReader, he can lug around as many books as he wants sans the bulk and weight.
  8. Right and wrong. A definite advantage of reading for kids is that children’s stories, especially those with moral lessons, help them get a good grasp of what right and wrong is. Remember that kids don’t have a fully developed sense of what’s good and bad in the world. With stories though, they learn that it’s bad to be a Scrooge or that lying is bad, regardless if it does make their nose longer or not.
  9. Lastly, a book allows your kids to live out adventures in their heads. That can take tremendous amounts of imagination. By providing them with a way to read, whenever, wherever they want, they’re more likely to turn to great stories for pleasure, comfort and maybe even spiritual assistance when they finally grow up.

So make reading a habit. Give your kid an eReader to make sure he’ll grow up with a deep and abiding love for reading. With so many benefits, it’s one of the best study tools you could invest in for your child’s future learning and development.


Heidi Gray

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I agree with all the 9 reasons. If we will make the reading way quite interesting the children no doubt will like to read. I really loved the blog.

Shaylee @ Data Nerds

I love my ereader and I see how it could be beneficial for kids as well!

Ana De- Jesus

It is true reading does help with anxiety issues, when I read it makes me feel less stressed especially when I relax in the bath!


I think ereaders would make for perfect Christmas gifts. Also, they help kids get more enthusiastic about reading!

Eileen Kelly

greatest gift we gave our youngest – she loves her kindle and reads everyday. Awesome to also rent library books to the kindle or e reader


Yup, these are great reasons to encourage your kids to read. I am thankful that both my kids love to read.


I recently posted on the same topic of reading and books. I am a big fan of technology but still think it important that we also put books in children’s hands.


My children now are young adults and they do also use a EReader. I think its great for everyone.


Wow this would be perfect for my kids. Love this post

Teresa Bowen

I like the way the meaning of unfamiliar words can easily be discovered with an e-reader. Helps to develop vocabulary skills while enjoying a good book.

Lexie Lane

Wow! These is such an educational tool. Perfect for my kiddos,


So true.. I think the NOOK eReader will be useful. Reading is very important. We read at least 3 books before go to bed


We have an e-reader and my son loves it. 🙂

Shann Eva

My oldest is in kindergarten right now, but as soon as he can really read, this would be a great gift. Thank you for giving all the benefits.

Jennifer Clay

I was thinking about getting one for my daughters for Christmas. After reading your reasons, I am definitely getting them one!

Elizabeth O.

I really like teaching kids the value of reading and It’s awesome to make them see how fun reading can be. I enjoy reading, I’m glad my kids do too.

All 3 of my kids have ereaders and they love them!


These are great reasons and why I bought my niece one 🙂 I love my kindle x

Amber Nelson

This sounds like a great tool for my kids for sure!


For me I can’t imagine giving a child an eReader over an actual book but that is just my personal preference. i can see the pro’s a kid using an eReader but for me it’s more a teen to adult item.

Robin Rue (@massholemommy)

Each of my boys has a Kindle Fire. They love reading on those things.

My kids love reading. My teen has a kindles and loves it.