911Tracker Review

911Tracker Review

911 Tracker Review


911Tracker Review

Teen Driving and the 911Tracker Go Hand in Hand! As a parent of a teenager daughter who has her driver’s license safety is our number one goal as parents. In today’s day and age of technological advances many of us worry about their location. We remember the days of growing up and instead of being honest with our parents, we were a little deceitful about where we were going. Twenty years ago our parents relied on neighbors, friends and acquaintances to blow the whistle if we were caught doing something we shouldn’t have been doing. They knew that we were lying about our location, but never could produce “proof” that the teen would believe. Here’s where the 911Tracker comes into use.


Setting up the 911Tracker online is a very easy task and their website walks you right through that process. Once you have verified your email account you then click on the link that says “Click to Subscribe” and you will get the phone number so that way you can check their location at anytime. Then the subscription expires date is set so that way you know how long you have the subscription has been paid for. The subscription fee is only $11.49 each month which is a very affordable price to give you peace of mind as well as protecting your child’s safety.

It was set up online in less than 5 minutes and installation fell onto Mr. SMSL’s shoulders. He read the booklet, gathered his needed supplies and set out to install the tracker into the car we have for her to drive. In less than 30 minutes he had it installed in the car and everything was ready to go.

911 Tracker Review

The instructions in the book provided are easy to follow and the step by step process was very simple to follow. Mr. SMSL said that you didn’t have to mechanically inclined to install the 911Tracker, just basic knowledge of wiring. As in what is a hot wire and what is a ground wire, but if you aren’t comfortable with that there are lots of shops that you can have it installed in for a minimal fee.

The 911Tracker is a product that  is installed into vehicles that reports in real time. With the use of GPS tracking and cellular technology the police can track the location of the vehicle with a text from your phone. This permits public safety personnel to reach the emergency location quickly if they are needed and you know someone is watching over your child even when you can’t be right there.

The T3 Vehicle Security Tracker is only $225. T3 Vehicle Security you know Tracker guards your vehicle 24/7 even if you are thousands of miles away. T3 can save lives, help prevent accidents, and stop thieves! If you want to know where your vehicle is at any time, just send T3 a text message and T3 will respond with the GPS location message to your cellphone or that you can view on Google Map™ with your smartphone.

So no matter where the vehicle or the teen is, you will always have “proof” that they are safe. Which is a priceless piece of mind for any parent!! I love that you can just text the 911Tracker and you have a Google Maps address of the location within seconds. It is super handy to know that your child is always telling the truth as well as is safe!! It is worth the investment to help keep Elizabeth a little safer!!

Be sure to check out 911Tracker out on their website, follow them on FacebookTwitter, and YouTube.




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