A Beginner’s Guide to Outdoor Pizza Ovens 

Pizza ovens are truly incredible. There is no better food to relish with buddies, loved ones, or even just for both you and your dog. And there is no better way of making one than with your very own hands, cooked with your own oven, and having a good time in your own backyard.

Outdoor pizza ovens will allow you to throw exceptional pizza parties which are guaranteed to go over so well. Everybody loves pizza, and everyone loves someone more if he or she can make a mouth watering pizza.

Everybody deserves the happiness and joy of making a hot, crispy, deliciously cheesy and fresh home-made pizza –just the way they want it. However, there are a whole lot of choices available out there when it comes to pizza ovens. This guide will definitely bring you a little bit closer in achieving one of the best luxuries of life in your very own home.

A Beginner’s Guide to Outdoor Pizza Ovens 

Outdoor Pizza Ovens

Outdoor pizza ovens are designed for cooking pizzas at extremely high temperatures. They come in many different sizes and types. The traditional brick pizza ovens are heated up using wood-fires which are placed inside the oven. Since this type of oven can take a long time to be prepared, heated up and managed, some people would opt to use a gas-induced flame source.

Alternatively, a cheaper way to still make a delicious pizza at home would be by making use of a portable pizza oven. These are smaller in size, but it can still attain high temperatures and has the capability to be able to fully cook pizza in less than a minute. It is usually gas-fueled but newer models now use wood pellets to evoke the smoky flavor of wood.

How Pizza Ovens Work

Pizza ovens are really special because these are customized and are designed to retain heat. It is the oven itself which cooks the delicious pizza, it is not the fire. Even though pizza ovens should be first heated by either a flame of wood or glass, it still have a dome and base made of tiles, bricks and insulating layers to lock in all this heat. This is why pizza ovens can go as high well above 800oF.

And when the oven is thoroughly heated, this is the perfect time to start to cook some delicious pizza. But it may take a while for the whole process. It may even take hours. This is because we heat a massive amount of material–sometimes over half a ton in weight. When a pizza oven is heated, it can still stay hot for a couple of days.

The Making of Pizza Ovens

Built from a variety of different materials, pizza ovens have all been made to absorb tremendous amounts of heat. Gas or wood fire heat is primarily retained by bricks in the oven’s dome as well as on the tiled floor. The heat that is held y these is what can fully cook the pizza. Outside the bricks, there are layers intended to contain the heat–fiber shielding and perlite all over the dome, with a calcium board and slab under the tiled floor. 

Types of Outdoor Pizza Ovens

  1. Full-Sized 

The first type of outdoor pizza oven is the traditional full-sized one. When we say “full size”, it means that it is a huge oven that is made out of a construction material – such as brick – and cannot be moved. 

The major advantage of having a full-sized pizza oven is its authenticity. Nothing is more authentic than a full-size pizza oven, heated by direct flame and can cook pizza within 90 seconds. It is indeed a great pizza making experience.

Though they are a bit pricey than most pizza oven, these will definitely going to be around for years. What is sometimes disregarded is that something distinctive like that of an outdoor pizza oven can actually up the value of a home – much more than that of what you pay for it.

However, having a full-size oven is really going to take some effort. It takes time to build, to heat up, and to learn how to master a wood fire. Yet the taste and authenticity of the pizza is just simply amazing.

A Beginner’s Guide to Outdoor Pizza Ovens 

  1. Portable 

The next pizza oven is smaller in size and lighter in weight which you can take anywhere. Portable pizza ovens aim to produce the ultimate delicious home-cooked pizza without any of the full-sized pizza oven’s price and commitment. It is not that light-weight, though. Vast majority weigh more than 50 lbs–trapping enough heat to hit more than 700F is not easy.

This type of pizza ovens are typically powered through metal and gas, although there are more modern counterparts for wood-fire that are available in the market now. In some instances, wood pellets are being used to achieve that wood-fired flavor style.

Portable pizza ovens are a cheaper alternative but still work fantastically. They are super easy to use, but they work beautifully. Although it does not have the authenticity of that of a full-sized pizza oven, no one will ever turn his nose on a home-cooked pizza.

One thing to consider is that they can only cook one pizza at a time; they are certainly a little slower. It is not that big of a deal if you are just cooking for a few friends or close family, but if you have a lot of visitors they are going to have to be patient.

The Cost of Outdoor Pizza Ovens

There is a variety of outdoor pizza ovens and each one of them has different price point. Typically, a full-sized brick oven will cost $2000 to $8000. Pre-built ovens are more expensive than those which only just come in parts. However, if you want to save up some money by putting up the pieces yourself, the price will vary from $1000 to $5000. 

For portable pizza ovens, the price will depend on the model. Usually, it will range from $150 to $700.