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A European Vacation: The Top 10 Tbilisi Hotels to Stay at in Georgia

A European Vacation: The Top 10 Tbilisi Hotels to Stay at in Georgia

If you’re planning a trip to Europe, make sure to add Tbilisi, Georgia, to your bucket list. With a rich history and delightful hotels, you’ll have a thrilling vacation when you include this stop.

For suggestions on which Tbilisi hotels to stay at, look no further. These top 10 locations, from large establishments to quiet, boutique hotels and even a hip hostel, have got you covered. Take a look.

1. Ambassadori Hotel

Located in Old Tbilisi, this beautiful hotel is in the center of the city, perfect for a night out on the town. You’ll love the Italian interior, the in-house casino, and the river views.

2. Vera Hotel

This is another historic hotel, built inside an old printing house. With the historic neighborhood all around, along with adorable restaurants and great shopping, The Vera is everything you hope for when you travel, and so much more.

3. The Biltmore Hotel

There’s no mistaking where this beautiful building is. Its tall, blue tower stands out among its neighbors, which includes the city’s opera house. With fitness equipment, a spa, and other luxurious amenities, you’ll love making this hotel your home base while traveling.

A European Vacation: The Top 10 Tbilisi Hotels to Stay at in Georgia

4. Moxy Tbilisi

This hotel redefines your concept of what lodging should be. With small but technology-filled rooms and live DJs, it’s the hotel of the future. They also feature speakers and meeting zones, if business is the reason for your visit.

5. Shota Rustaveli Boutique Hotel

With comfort near the city center, you’ll love the friendly staff at this small hotel. They pride themselves on the cleanliness of the large rooms. You’ll have a steep slope to climb to get there, but it’s worth the walk.

6. Fabrika Hostel

If everything in Tbilisi is in a historic building, this is no different. The artsy hostel is housed in an old Soviet sewing factory, with cool businesses and meeting places all around. It’s a self-proclaimed urban hotspot, home for hipster trends like a vinyl record store and a board game store.

7. No12 Boutique Hotel

It’s only 20 km from the airport, and the No12 provides an airport shuttle if you need it. You’ll love the neighborhood wineries and museums, too, if the charm of the old brick doesn’t capture you first. Ask for a room with a balcony to soak in the cityscapes.

8. Ilja’s Hotel

Another boutique hotel, this tiny boarding house on Dimitri Bakradze Street, is a beautiful home with only four rooms. The owner and concierge take pride in their lodgings, and you’ll fall in love the charming balconies and high ceilings.

9. Laerton Tbilisi

This upscale hotel features a rooftop bar and a spa, along with elegant rooms. It’s located in the old town and close to the metro to make sightseeing easy. The staff makes your trip smoother, with friendly answers to all your questions.

10. Best of the Tbilisi Hotels

Tour Guide Hotels has several warm and luxurious hotels throughout Georgia, including in Tbilisi. You can get great deals on these upscale rooms on their website, along with recommendations for sightseeing and tours. Check them out here, along with their opportunities in other Georgian cities.

Luxurious Stays That Feel like Home

When you’re looking for Tbilisi hotels, look no further than these suggestions. For a little history, a little trend, and a lot of hospitality, these provide the best options the city has to offer.

From the convenience of location to the mystery of the past, hotels should be much more than a place to lay your head. You’ll find it all in Tbilisi.

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