Airplane Activities: 7 Key Ways to Entertain Yourself on a Long Flight

Did you know that every day there are over 87,000 flights that cross America alone?

No matter where you’re going in the world, flying can be an unpleasant experience. From the cramped space to the boring atmosphere, there are plenty of reasons why people avoid flying whenever possible.

The good news is that flying doesn’t have to be torture if you know how to prepare. Keep reading for seven fun airplane activities that will make your journey more enjoyable.

Airplane Activities: 7 Key Ways to Entertain Yourself on a Long Flight

1. Pack a Writing Journal Full of Creative Prompts

One of the best long flight tips is to keep your mind occupied at all times. Writing is a great activity that stimulates your creativity and helps you pass time. What’s nice about writing prompt journals is that you never know what gold you’ll come up with once you start each random story.

2. Binge Watch Some Good Movies or Shows

The easiest things to do on a long flight require little materials or effort. If you’re subscribed to a streaming platform like Netflix or Amazon Prime, you may be able to download your favorite shows and movies and stream them offline.

3. Play Entertaining Games on Your Phone

If you play a ton of fun games like Bingo online with Blighty, hours can feel like minutes on a plane. It still may be hard to get comfortable in your cramped seat, but games are the perfect distraction.

4. Catch Up on Your Reading

Life can be hectic, which is why it’s hard to find the time to sit down and read. If you’re brainstorming things to do on a plane, don’t forget to include reading on your list. If you own a portable device like a Kindle, you can fit hundreds of your favorite books in one convenient space.

5. Try an Adult Coloring Book

Who says coloring is just for kids? If you get stressed out during flights, coloring can be therapeutic and meditative. You can stock up on regular coloring books or you can find some spunky adult themes that’ll make you smile.

6. Create the Perfect Travel Playlist

If you don’t already have a travel playlist by the time you board, creating one during your flight can keep you occupied for a while. If you’re focused on the music you love, you won’t be as bothered by your tedious trip.

7. Try a Portable Craft Like Crocheting

Figuring out what to do on a long flight is tricky since you only have access to a few carry-on items. If you have the room for it, bringing along small crafts can keep your hands and mind busy. Crocheting, origami, and finger knitting are clever ways to keep yourself entertained.

These Fun Airplane Activities Will Make You Look Forward to Flying

With these seven airplane activities, your flight will feel like it’s over in an instant. And, if you pack your own treats, you can avoid the terrible airplane food, too!

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