Alternative Uses for Salt that Could Save You Money

Alternative Uses for Salt that Could Save You Money

Alternative Uses for Salt that Could Save You Money

Salt is something that is a very versatile ingredient to have in the kitchen and is easily implemented into other areas of your home. I love that it is a cheap cleaner and can save money on several other things around the house so for me, it is a win, win! So what can you use salt for?? Let’s investigate some of it’s great attributes!! 

1. Save your old worn out brooms and give them a new life. Pour a bucket of hot water (3 gallons)  add a cup of salt and let your broom soak for half of an hour. Then set it to the side and let it dry overnight. When you get up you will have a stronger broom and will be sweeping up all kinds of things off of your floor! 

2. Try the salt mixture on sponges to get them to rejuvenate them and get a little more use out of them. Use three parts water to one part salt and soak the sponge(s) overnight.

3. Want to keep your toothbrush lasting longer? Before you use your toothbrush for the first time soak it in a cup of salt water before you use it the first time.

4. Ever scorched food on a pot or pan and cleaned on it for days in order to get it back to it’s original condition? I’ve been there and done that, but cleaning it up with salt helps save on the elbow grease and your pans too. Sprinkle a little salt on the burnt food and add a little water to the pan. Let it set until you see the burnt food start to loosen up, then rinse with some warm salty water. Wash like normal and your pan should be as good as new! 

5. Have a spill on the oven or stove?? As soon as you can, while it is fresh, sprinkle salt over the mes then scrub away the mess, I use a scrubber sponge to make it a little easier. Just be sure it isn’t to hot so you don’t get  a burn while trying to clean up the mess! 

6. A fridge always seems to need a good scrubbing or at least at our house it does. So instead of harsh chemicals I use a salt and water mixture instead. I use an ice cream bucket filled with warm water three cups or so and 1 cup of salt. Then I use a sponge to clean the shelves and walls of the fridge. The salt helps fight odors and the glass looks great once I am done. 

7. Weeds are a pesky thing around our house and living in the country we have our fair share of them. But spreading salt carefully between the cracks of the cement, driveway, patio and of course sidewalk blocks. Then, wait for it to rain, or wet it down with water and let the salt do the dirty work! 

8. Stinky shoes are almost impossible to get deodorized, but if you sprinkle salt in them every once in a while you can help kick the smell! It helps soak up the moisture in shoes and the odor will be eliminated! 

9. Deodorize your drains by pouring salt mixed with hot water down the drain. We do this about once a week especially in the kitchen because it keeps the grease build up at bay! 

10. Clean your coffee pot and cups with salt to get the coffee stains off of them. Sprinkle salt on a damp sponge and rub in small circles around the stain. Then rinse out and clean with soap. If the stain won’t come out put a little vinegar in with the salt and scrub it again. It is amazing how sparkling clean your pot and cups will be!! 

11. If you are cutting pears or apples for a fruit salad or snack you will want to soak them in a bowl of salt water for a few minutes. This will prevent them from turning brown and looking fresh! 

12. Bug bites or stings can be covered with salt after wetting down the affected area. This will decrease the swelling as well as ease the pain. Or soak the affected area in salt water and then apply vegetable oil if it continues to itch!! A salt water bath also helps calm down poison ivy if you have it all over your body! 

13. Wipe your windows with a sponge that has been dipped in salt water and let them dry. This will keep your windows frost-free which is always nice to be able to see outside in the winter!!

14. In your car keep a little cloth bag filled with salt. Then when the windows are wet rub them with the bag and let the salt work it’s magic. The next time it snows your car windows will not be covered with snow or ice! 

15. Add a few pinches of salt to your pan before cooking bacon to help keep the grease splatters at bay. This will make less of a mess and keep you from getting those painful burns from bacon grease. 

16. Add salt to your pan of water and your food will take less time to boil. It also helps season the food which is a double win in my book!

17. Add a tiny bit of salt to a carton of milk or cream and it will stay fresh a few days longer.

18. Pour salt on slugs and snails to help get rid of them. They are pesky little things in our garden this year! 

19. Dissolve 5 tablespoons of salt in 1 quart of hot water then using a sponge rub the yellow perspiration stains on a shirt to help make them disappear! 

20. Use salt to give yourself a massage with salt to get rid of dead skin. After you shower and your skin is still wet massage dry salt into your skin and enjoy the silky smooth new skin left in it’s place. 

21. Add two parts baking soda with one part salt then dip a wet toothbrush into the mixture. Use this on sores in your mouth a few times a day. If you have a sore throat gargle warm salt water for a relief like no other. 

22. If you have puffy eyes, use a little salt mixed with hot water on a cotton ball. Rub around your eyes and let the mixture do it’s magic by tightening the skin and drawing out the moisture. 


 What other uses do you know for salt?? 



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Char W.

These are all wonderful ideas. I’m definitely using salt and water while cleaning the fridge now. Thanks!