Awesome Picture from a friend

I have a special friend that sent me this amazing picture!! It even made me tear up a little bit, so I wanted to share it with you all, so you could enjoy it too!! Everything happens for a reason and I’m so glad you are my friend!!!

Awesome Picture from a friend



Awesome Picture from a friend! Because so many people are finding this picture I wanted you to be able to add your own name to it so it could easily be personalized.

Here is how you need to do it.

Download this picture.

i-love-you-pics -PDF form

I love you this much


Then head to Pic Monkey to put your person’s name on it, then print it out.


Friendship is one mind in two bodies.” ~ Mencius

Remember that no matter how busy we are we need a friend to chat with. We all need someone who understands how overwhelming it is to be a mom, wife, and of course all of the obligations that come with it. We love our jobs as a mom, but sometimes you need to have fun too! We need the company and support of other girlfriends, so having someone to chat with and support you is just what the Dr. ordered some days! 

Here are some great ways to spend time with your friends! 

  • Arrange a playdate and visit while the kids play. 
  • Have Spa Day
  • Get manicures or pedicures
  • Go to the gym together
  • Go out for breakfast, lunch, dinner once a week
  • Have coffee out together
  • Go on a nature walk
  • Do something you both enjoy!
  • Host a clothing swap with pizza. Revert back to your High School years and just enjoy getting new items. It is a great way to save money and spend time with several friends at once. 
  • Host a board game or card playing night. 
  • Book a girls only trip for the weekend. Split the cost and have a wonderful time!


How else do you spend time with your friends?