Ayurveda: Stress Reduction And More!

Ayurveda therapist course programs can be incredibly helpful for those looking to take control of their health from both a mental and physical perspective. Ayurveda courses are well placed in teaching individuals how to balance the mind & body, which in turn, alleviates stress.  


Many imbalances in our bodies can be a result of stress, according to Ayurveda. Stress can have an effect on our mental and emotional well being in a big way, especially when it comes to our relationships with other people. It can also have an impact on the condition of our hair, teeth, and nails. A lot of people have had to turn to dentists for dental implants, which are a better option to replace your missing teeth, due to their teeth falling out because of stress. That is without even mentioning the impact stress causes from a physical perspective. It can affect our cardiovascular capabilities, our immune systems, our nervous system, our metabolic function, and our digestive system. In many cases, the physical symptoms arise due to the emotional impact. After all, one cannot have a healthy body if they do not have a healthy mind. Stress and negative emotions are cited as causes for many different diseases. 

Ayurveda: Stress Reduction And More!

Stress lowers the body’s immunity and, therefore, turns it into a host of disease-causing parasites and micro-organisms, and they, in turn, cause mental and physical health to deteriorate further. Ayurveda with its assisting practices, including Meditation, Pranayama, and Yoga, can fight the stress, enabling you to gain control of the mind and achieve a beautiful life. Ayurveda considers that stress or depression is connected with “Ojas”, which is a basic element if the body’s tissues. An individual will get anxious or stressed when there is a misbalance with this element. 

Ayurveda: Stress Reduction And More!


One important aspect of Ayurveda within the diploma course is the subject of Srotas. What exactly is this?

Firstly, a large part of understanding alternative lifestyle Ayurveda health practices is the three Doshas: Vata, Pitha and Kapha.  These energies include combinations of fire, water, earth, space, and air. The Srotas (channels) are a conduit to travel from one part of our body to another from our gastrointestinal tracts to the smallest of porous single cells that transfer the likes of nutrients and oxygen throughout our body. These channels do not only carry what is good for our body, but also helps us distance ourselves of toxins and waste products – such as carbon dioxide. Understanding Srotas is a vital aspect in understanding how the human body functions from an Ayurvedic perspective.  And, it is just one of the key factors you need to understand when it comes to Ayurveda. Once you have undertaken a basic diploma in Ayurveda, you will be able to expand your knowledge with more specific and specialized training courses, for example, you could take a diploma course in Vastu Shastra. 


What Courses Are Available?

Ayurveda diploma courses are a great way for all sorts of people from different backgrounds to learn more about Ayurvedic knowledge. But what kind of courses can you find that will cover this sphere of traditional knowledge? Is it all just medicine or are there other aspects of Ayurvedic knowledge to learn about?


The reality is that Ayurveda is a wide topic. Like Western healthcare systems, Ayurvedic medicine covers all different aspects of health and well-being. However, many undergraduate and post-graduate study options – including Ph.D. – can only be found at institutes in India. That being said, it is possible to obtain an Ayurveda diploma from an online institute. Here you will find a number of courses related to Ayurvedic health, medicine, and other intertwined disciplines. As well as being able to find courses that will cover the health and well-being aspects of Ayurvedic principles and practices, good institutes also offer a variety of options. This can include the likes of childcare, pregnancy studies, and yoga. Related disciplines also include the likes of Vedic numerology and Vedic astrology. Another aspect of Vedic knowledge that is incredibly popular worldwide is Vastu Shastra, which is the science that has powered Indian architecture for thousands of years. Today, it is used worldwide by professional architects and interior designers, as well as those simply looking to change the way their homes look. Of course, no matter the course you choose, you want to make sure you find the best course available.


Will You Learn Practical Skills?

A diploma in Ayurveda distance education is a great idea for those looking to understand the depths of Ayurveda. Whether you are looking for a new approach to help with an illness you are experiencing, or you just have a general interest in holistic approaches to health and wellbeing, an online course is a great way to learn all about this fascinating subject. 


But, will you also learn practical skills along with theoretical ones in an Ayurveda diploma course? All of our treatments come with supporting videos to help you master the techniques involved by creating a more practical, hands-on learning environment.  To understand and practice Ayurveda competently, it is important to have both a theoretical and practical understanding, before attempting to help others. Treatments such as Ayurvedic massages and Panchakarma, require specific knowledge to be carried out professionally. For this reason, it is important that those looking to introduce Ayurvedic practices into their life learn this field in guided classes. Whilst reading online about Ayurvedic principles and practices is helpful, it will not give you a structured education of what these treatments entail. For this, you need to find a course that offers webinars, videos and a good LMS system created by Ayurvedic professionals based in India.  But where can you find such a course? There are numerous providers of such learning online, but only a few are worthy of your time. The last thing you want to do is waste your time on an online learning provider that does not offer the quality teaching you are looking for.