Back To School Guide

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Back To School Guide

Back to School time is around the corner and we are busy planning our schedules for the last few summer fun trips. But while we would love for Summer to last for forever, we know all good things must come to an end and Back to School time will be here before we know it. Growing up I can remember my parents telling me school would start after my Nana and Papa’s birthdays which was usually after August 28th, because their birthdays were August 26th and 28th. While we don’t get those longer summer breaks now kids everywhere start seeing those dreaded school supplies on the shelves as early as July. While we aren’t that early this year, we are earlier than we have been in the past and I for one am glad we are busy Wedding planning instead of Back to School Shopping. However, the writers of Life with Heidi all have school aged children and they know that the crunch is on.

Metro Retro Thirty One Bag

Head Back To School with Thirty One

And now that summer is almost done here in Missouri we have had to make the switch to Back to school thoughts. Liz and I both carried Thirty One lunchboxes all 13 years in our classroom and my love for their products just keeps on giving. Last week Brady and I went on a small getaway and I, of course, packed The Crossbody Thermal Tote in Gingham with snacks for the road. And instead of packing a regular purse, I packed the old standby Retro Metro Bag I’ve had for years. It makes for the perfect travel bag for overnight trips.

But no matter what you decide to pick up for you or the kids, I know you will love the products just as much as I do. And they will last for years to come, so splurge and get some items for yourself as well. I promise everyone in the family will fight over who gets to carry what! Check out my last Fall’s picks before you go!

Chinet Perfect for Back to School Time

Chinet Perfect for Back to School Time

The Chinet brand launched its new Chinet Comfort Cup insulated hot cup back in March and is the perfect product to get everyone back in the swing of things for the fall! Because coffee makes everything better, right?

Chinet® Comfort Cup®Insulated Hot Cups and Lids are

16 oz. And perfect for those Back-To-School Mornings

Shop Chinet today!

Teach My Preschooler

Teach My Preschooler

About Teach My

Teach My is a Women Owned company all about helping parents spend quality time with their children through educational play. Started by Christy Cook when her son was a toddler, she realized the need for an all-inclusive educational kit that parents could work on with their children. These products teach babies, toddlers and preschoolers the basic skills, things like; the alphabet, colors, shapes, numbers, reading and even math! These products can be found in nationwide retailers including Walmart, Toys R Us, and online on Amazon. Shop Teach My today!

Minions from Avery
Avery Themed School Items

Durable View Fashion Binders with 1 inch rings come in 5 fun designs, which means the kids can have one for each of their classes.

The Big Tab Fashion Dividers come in sets of 5 tabs in two motifs, Playful Minions and Minions Expressions.

Two Pocket Folders that can hold up to 100 sheets each and glue sticks in Minions too. (What I wouldn’t have done for a themed glue stick for when Liz was little!)

Shop Avery Now!

Trolls from Avery

Trolls Themed Items from Avery

The other fun set that was delivered to me was a Dreamworks Trolls themed package. It included two 1 inch binders, 2 folders that also hold 100 pages each, and 2 fun Troll themed glue sticks. While I wished it had included the big fashion dividers I was happy to find them on Amazon for just a few dollars. Now parents everywhere can get kids what they want for school and have to not have a devil child in the process, (not that we would expect that from any of our angels!!)

Joy Lunch Box
Joy Lunch Box

JOY Deluxe Insulated Lunch Cooler Tote Bag transports your food and beverages in style, while keeping them hot or cold. This fashionable insulated tote is cleverly designed – from the water-repellant exterior, to the handy hook-and-loop handle closure and exterior storage pocket, to the easy to wipe clean insulated interior, there’s so much to love about this!

Shop HSN today to get your own Joy Lunch Tote Bag!

Back To School With DigiBuddha

Back To School With DigiBuddha

Whether you have an elementary student, high school student, a college student or are just a busy mom Digibuddha is for you. I love their wide selection of coffee mugs, and my personal collection has grown since the last time we talked about coffee. I’m pushing 60 mugs I think, but today we are going to talk about the 15 ounces from DigiBuddha that are perfect for Moms.

Because I don’t have any little guys around I can be a little more bold with my mug choices, and this year these won. 🙂 Wouldn’t they perfect additions to your mugs too?

Shop DigiBuddha today!

College Student Gift Ideas from DigiBuddha

College Student Gift Ideas from DigiBuddha

They have some really great inspirational foil prints (including “Dorm Sweet Dorm” which is great for new college students!) That can be ordered in 5×7 or 8×10 sizes and your choice of white, black, or blush card stock and gold, silver, or rose gold foil. Check out my samples to the right!

Shop DigiBuddha today!



Liz hasn’t been in a car seat for years, but having over 25 nieces and nephews ranging from 4 years old to 18 years old we have had our fair share of car seat switcharoos. Infant seats aren’t hard to put in and out of veh

icles but bigger car seats are a pain in the rear. For the longest time we had one in each of our vehicles, and then we had an extra to use when we had an extra kid. But the BubbleBum Car Seat is now residing in our Trailblazer for when we need a booster seat for a niece or a nephew. I absolutely LOVE the fact that it is portable in an all new way. You can inflate it when needed and keep it deflated when not in use. It is perfect for Aunt’s, Uncles, Grandparents, Daycares and everyone in between. It is lightweight enough to carry in my handbag, but most importantly it’s safe for kids!!

For only $29.99 you can pick one or two up now from Bubblebum!

Culturelle Kids

Culturelle Kids

Culturelle Kids helps ensure kids don’t miss a beat all school year long by supporting both their immune and digestive health to help with issues that may arise like occasional diarrhea, gas and bloating. Culturelle Kids contains 100% Lactobacillus rhamnosus GG—a probiotic strain that has been clinically shown to help balance the GI tract and ease occasional digestive issues. This can help make the transition back to school easier as the tightened exposure to more germs and non-beneficial bacteria can cause digestive and immune problems!

Additionally, for high school and college students, Culturelle offers a range of products for adult digestive and immune health. *I’m a Culturelle girl and am in love with the orange chewables.



Go Back to School in style and not break the bank on accessories. Check out T-Mobile’s Cool PopSockets and of course great phone cases. It is a great way to give technology a new look for the upcoming school year.

Shop Phone Cases Here!

Cool Pop Sockets & More!

Yo To Go


Lunchtime is often the highlight of the school day!

YoToGo is a fun, kid-friendly, portable neoprene cooler for individual Greek yogurt cups! The PATENTED zippered design keeps yogurt and other fun snacks (pudding, applesauce, fruit, hummus etc) cool and spill-proof! Each YoToGo comes with an ice pack and spoon. Three fun colors-pink, blue and black!

YoToGo is BPA free and dishwasher/washing machine safe!

YoToGo fits perfectly in a lunchbox, backpack or sports bag. It can also be clipped on a bag or bike with a carabiner. When finished with the yogurt, it collapses to fit in a pocket too.

Pick yours up today for only $9.99

Spoil Mom with Usana Sheet Masks

Spoil Mom with Usana Sheet Masks

Spoil Mom this Back-to-School season with a Usana Sheet mask!

It comes in a box of 3 that will hydrate and lift your face leaving healthy glowing skin in it’s place. After my round of poison ivy, this was a lifesaver!

Shop Usana Celavive Today

Best Make up Mirror

Make-Up Mirror

Get mom, or the teen girl her own Hamswam Magnification LED Lighted Make-up mirror. While I’m not one to put on the glitz and glamour everyday, since having this awesome mirror, I’m spending a little more time on myself.

  • Ultra slim and contemporary design
  • Multi-angle hinge provides different angles for viewing – 180 degree
  • 1x flat – tri-panel viewing with 2x, 3x magnification spot
  • Hold-on touch control for brightness adjustment
  • 4 x AAA battery or USB charging supply

Order yours today!

Cold Fix

Cold Fix

Back-to-school can mean back to germs, colds, and the flu! If you’re looking to keep your kids happy and healthy this school year, consider Cold-Fix for Children! This effective homeopathic alternative to other cold and flu medications helps relieve nasal congestion, cough, and fever while supporting and strengthening your child’s immune system for year-round health. You don’t have to wait until your child is sick – help prevent it with Cold-Fix. (Psst, guess what? They do have Cold-Fix for Adults, so you can stay healthy, too!)  



The older I get the more minimalistic I am becoming. I fell in love with the Smaland Blanket and Pillow for my new little grandbaby that will be here in November!

EGGKIDS designs 100% organic cotton bedding with the Scandinavian style everyone loves. The nursery here is going to be all woodlands/farming so these to will make the perfect additions to his space. Plus, I love that they will grow with him, and I won’t have to purchase more things as he gets bigger.

Shop EGGKids now!


Isabella Grace

Isabelle Grace

Send the kids back to school with new jewelry from Isabelle Grace. They have affordable pieces that all kids love, and when it’s personalized it’s even better! Build your own charm necklace using their initials and their favorite sport to get them looking and feeling their best! Shop Isabelle Grace today!



Despite research showing school-age kids as the most prolific snackers in today’s market (a whooping 70% of their eating occasions are snacks), there’s a gap in pouched offerings to this age group in the applesauce aisle across the U.S. retailers. Most brands position their offerings to the toddler set with simple purees and packaging featuring cartoon-ish characters.

Not anymore! Perfect for Back-to-School lunches and after school sports, Slammers Super Food Snacks were created to be delicious instant organic fuel for active kids. Over the years we’ve also gained popularity as an easily digestible energy source for training athletes and were even featured in Triathlete Magazine and Runner’s World last year.


  • Watermelon Kiwi Burst (7 grams of protein per pouch) – strawberry, kiwi, watermelon, apple, banana & beet
  • Pomegranate Grape Crush (7 grams of protein per pouch) – grape, pomegranate, coconut, apple, banana & purple carrot
  • EPIC – mangoes, bananas, oranges, carrots, Greek yogurt & real vanilla
  • AWESOME – bananas, blueberries, strawberries, beets, acai, amaranth (a highly nutritious gluten-free grain)
  • CHILL’N – bananas, blueberries, butternut squash, Greek yogurt & yumberry

More than just applesauce, Slammers is fuel for school!

Chamberlain’s Universal Remote

Chamberlain’s Universal Remote

Chamberlain’s Universal Remote lets you open and close the garage door with keyless safety and convenience. Whether the kids are coming home from school, sports, or after school activities, this device gives mom and dad peace of mind knowing the kids access to the biggest entry point of the home – the garage.

Key Features:

Andi’s Curved Edge 1-inch Flat Iron

Andi’s Curved Edge 1-inch Flat Iron

Curved Edge 1-inch Flat Iron ($25.47) – Effortlessly straighten hair without dents or achieve smooth curls, waves and even flips with just one tool! Maximum heat up to 450 degrees and nano-ceramic technology eliminates frizz for long-lasting styles.

Perfect for back to school time, or just an upgrade of the old straighner you have had for years.

Back to School lunchboxes

NYC Map LunchBags

These “Cool” NYC Subway Map Lunch Bags are insulated and covered with the iconic NYC Subway Map.  With Red Trim or Black Trim. Made of 210D Poly. Dimensions 9.75″ x 7″ x 3.25″

NYC Map Lunch Bags, officially licensed by the MTA

The Good Bean

The Good Bean

The Good Bean is available in 6 mouth-watering flavors, including Sea Salt, Chili Lime, Tai Coconut, Sweet Cinnamon, Classic Hummus and Sweet Sriracha.

Pick up some of these delicious snacks filled with 8g of protein per serving!

Snoozie Mat
Snoozie Mat

Never let kids use a second-hand mat at school again! The Snoozie-Mat helps stop the spread of germs by giving your child their own personal sleeping mat, eliminating the need to use those provided by their school. Whether your kids are going to school for the first time or heading back this fall, either way Sleeping Baby is here to help!

Snoozie-Mat the clever nap time on-the-go solution shop. This easy-to-pack sleeping bag is ideal for school naps, sleepovers, and blanket forts. The Snoozie-Mat is machine washable and folds into backpack. You can take the Snoozie-Mat anywhere you want by simply rolling it up and carrying it on your back!

Retail Price: $38.96 at

Toddy Gear Pretty in Pink

Toddy Gear

Are you looking for amazing electronic products that you can use daily? Toddy Gear is where it is at in 2018! You can purchase any tech accessory from them and your life will be so much easier. They have everything from phone cases to power banks to pocket toddys which allows you to accessorize & match your personality. Head on over to the Toddy Gear website to get a first-hand look at what they offer. Back to school season just got a whole lot more fun in the tech department.

Made Good Snacks are good for you and taste great

Made Good Snacks

My sister has 4 kids living at home all and they all attend school, starting school in just a few days. While all parents worry about their kids, she worries a little bit extra because 3 out of 4 of those children have allergies to different things. And they all have a variety of “nut” allergy so that is super important for her to avoid. While they are allergic to some of the same foods, they have had to modify their diet a lot and I’ve finally found a product line that is safe for them.  Made Good Snacks makes their products in a facility that is free from the most common allergens: peanut, tree nut, wheat, dairy, egg, soy, sesame, fish and shellfish. (That seriously is a game changer for my sister as she has at least 1 kid allergic to 1 of those things on that list. And each serving contains   the nutrients found in one serving of vegetables while tasting great! 



Better nutrition for our kids is needed, and that’s where the new PediaSure SideKicks with High Protein comes in. Packed with 10 grams of protein, and designed to fill the top four nutrient gaps in kids’ diets – vitamin D, calcium, fiber and potassium – PediaSure was designed with this in mind, and developed to fill nutritional gaps and help guide kids toward their full potential.

Nutritional information for PediaSure SideKicks with High Protein includes as much fiber as one small orange, more vitamin D than one serving of two percent milk, as much calcium as a half cup of yogurt, as much potassium as one small banana, and as much protein as one extra-large egg.

Elmer's Glue is perfect for Back to School

Elmer’s Glue

Elmer’s Glue has you covered with classic white glue, clear glue, glue sticks, glitter glue, and even disappearing glue!

From Arts and Crafts to Slime fun, Elmer’s is the trusted brand for classrooms everywhere. We are ready to take on the new school year, I’m going to make some teachers really happy with a small donation of Elmer’s Glue so they can spend their money elsewhere.

Check out Elmer’s Glue today!

Cilio Serving Plate

Frieling Serving Trays

Frieling Serving Trays make the perfect Back-To-School gift for teachers and of course busy moms. While I’m going to use mine with photos, I can’t wait to do some entertaining to pull it out. And at only $7.95 everyone can splurge to get one or two!

Shop today!




Learning to write is an important stage in every child’s development, but writing products sold today are not designed with kids in mind. The Paper Mate Handwriting triangular mechanical pencil provides control for early writers! The pencil features:

  • Thick #2 lead for less breakage
  • Triangular shape that guides finger placement
  • Fun barrel colors and designs


Shop Papermate today for the best selection!

Expo Dry Erase

Expo Markers are the best for any white board writing and now they come in a 2 in 1. I would have killed (well not literally) for these to be available when I was in the classroom.

Markers with specially-formulated, erasable ink in a wide assortment of bold colors. Erase easily.

Pick up extras for your child’s teacher!!

Smart Games from Pressman Games

Pressman Games

Pressman Games sent 4 fun games, that we are choosing to donate to a local school.

SMath-The Game That Makes Math Fun

Make 7 The Connect-the-Numbers Tile Game!

Sequence Letters Sequence Fun from A to z.

Rummikub Classic

7 Charming Sisters

7 Charming Sisters

Along with fabulous jewelry,  7 Charming Sisters has options for keeping jewelry and accessories organized! 

Here are a couple must-have items to keep things tidy, whether at home or in your locker:

Keep your jewelry organized and tangle-free with our Ladder of Success metal ladder . The rungs are perfect for hanging earrings, chains, and bracelets. The dish at the bottom creates extra storage for your rings and trinkets.

Keep your jewelry organized and tangle-free with our Roll it Up jewelry organizer. Each bag contains four zippered compartments and a removable bar for storing rings. Perfect for storing and protecting your jewelry or accessories while traveling. Available in either blue or black velvet. Material: cloth  Measurements: unrolled – 11″ long, 9″ wide
Roll-up-jewelry-organizer Retail value $22

These charming ceramic ring dishes make the perfect gift! Collect all of our signature trinket dishes & stay organized while making a statement! Material: ceramic Measurements: 5”x5”

And if you are looking for the perfect accessory to your back to school outfit, or to be the best dressed mom at PTA meetings, we have got you covered:

These black and gold earrings will score you style points with everything from your weekend denim to your date night gingham!

Get outside with your kids this summer with the coolest new, action-packed group game RampShot! It's described as ‘corn hole on steroids’ and incorporates two ramp boards and a bouncing ball. This isn’t any ordinary board though, the ramp has grooves and ridges to make the ball bounce in various directions. The game is played two on two and requires jumping, running and catching. RampShot encourages motor skills, teamwork, and physical coordination.  Get your own Rampshot today!


Get outside with your kids with the coolest new, action-packed group game RampShot! It’s described as ‘corn hole on steroids’ and incorporates two ramp boards and a bouncing ball. This isn’t any ordinary board though, the ramp has grooves and ridges to make the ball bounce in various directions. The game is played two on two and requires jumping, running and catching. RampShot encourages motor skills, teamwork, and physical coordination.

Get your own Rampshot today!



Back To School Guide



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