Back to School with Thirty-One Products

*This post is in partnership with Thirty-One but all opinions are 100% my own as always.

Back to School with Thirty-One Products

Summer is coming to a close here and that means not so much time with the kids, in the car, and of course vacations. But we all know all of those things have one thing in common, the I’m Bored. When we were kids, the words I’m bored never came out because if you uttered those words, you were given extra chores. While it didn’t kill us we quickly learned to keep ourselves busy because who wants to spend their summer cleaning and doing extra chores? While today’s kids don’t have it quite as bad as we did, those famous I’m Bored words do happen.

Keeping kids entertained in any travel situation is a tough one and poor Liz always had to deal with just her dad and I. But we found a love for Thirty-One products several years ago and they have since became one our household names. (Even Liz has lots of Thirty-One items in her house, so family traditions do carry on.) While this post isn’t about Liz or I, it is always nice to stroll down memory lane and set the backstory for you the readers as to why I’m even writing it in the first place.

Keep Kids Busy in the Car with ThirtyOne

So when it’s time to get on the road for one more last minute trip before Back-to-School do some shopping at Thirty-One. They have some super amazing deals each month and of course, they have some Road-Trip Must Haves. For example they have some great Cinch Sacs that are perfect for kids! We always used Liz’s when we traveled as a busy bag for activities, like tic-tac-toe papers, coloring books, reading books, and of course travel-sized games. No matter what you do to them, they last for years literally, as Liz still has her’s 10ish years. later.

Metro Retro Thirty One Bag

Head Back To School with Thirty-One

And now that summer is almost done here in Missouri we have had to make the switch to Back to school thoughts. Liz and I both carried Thirty-One lunchboxes all 13 years in our classroom and my love for their products just keeps on giving. Last week Brady and I went on a small getaway and I, of course, packed The Crossbody Thermal Tote in Gingham with snacks for the road. And instead of packing a regular purse, I packed the old standby Retro Metro Bag I’ve had for years. It makes for the perfect travel bag for overnight trips.

But no matter what you decide to pick up for you or the kids, I know you will love the products just as much as I do. And they will last for years to come, so splurge and get some items for yourself as well. I promise everyone in the family will fight over who gets to carry what! Check out my last Fall’s picks before you go!




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