Bargaining Power

Bargaining Power

Bargaining used to be a thing of the past, but no matter what you have there is always something you can trade for. I picked up all of these great college books at an auction for super cheap a couple months ago. I had plans to sell them online, but just never took the time to do it until the other day. There was a place that I could sell them online for less than $10 which would have still been a profit. But I didn’t want to settle for just $10, so I posted them in an online Facebook group that is local to me.

I posted them for $1 each which is a huge steal for such great books!! I received a message from a college student who was interested in the books. We finally got together Friday night for her to look through all of the books. She had posted some Thirty-One products earlier in the week so I asked her if we could work out a trade.

Bargaining Power

All of the books for her two Thirty-One products that she had posted. The one in the back is a Mini-Organizer that is $15 and the flat one is a Zipper pouch that is also $15. I fully expected one of the bags instead of the two but I was pleased as punch that I got both of them!! So remember instead of pulling out your cold hard cash or coupons do a little bit of bargaining to see if you can meet in the middle and get what you both want or need.

Happy Shopping   Bargaining!!




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Julia Prue Potvin

Great idea, A Win Win for you both !! There is a new program I have seen a few times, the guys start out doing exactly this and go on & on with the trades to they are up to a huge value item…it’s awesome !!

Erika Gilliam

This is a wonderful idea! Thanks for the reminder!


I so agree, sometimes you can get some great bargains!