Barrington Hotel and Suites Review Branson, MO

Barrington Hotel and Suites Review Branson, MO

Barrington Hotel

Barrington Hotel and Suites in Branson, MO was our home away from home this past weekend for our first ever trip to Branson, MO during the Christmas Season. We left Friday night and traveled down to Branson and made it to the hotel around 11 pm. Their were two staff members at the front desk at that time and both were very friendly as well as helpful. Check in was a breeze and my party and I were on our way to our rooms after only 5 minutes. Unloading the vehicles took a little longer than that, but when you are traveling with 8 that is to be expected.

The Barrington Hotel and Suites was really busy Friday night and we had to park around the back side of the hotel. But there was still plenty of parking so all was well. When I finally got to the room I snapped a few pictures so that you could see how nice the hotel really was. The kids were super bummed because we missed the swimming pool being open by only a few minutes.

The bed was comfortable on my side anyway (hubby said his leaned one way). The pillows were amazingly soft and the whole hotel was clean as well as nice and quiet. The next morning we got up and went to go eat breakfast and oh my goodness the breakfast room was packed. We waited in line for our food and by the time we were done there weren’t any tables left so we had to take our breakfast back to our room. Their was two ladies working in the breakfast area and one was really nice, while other tended to be a little on the grumpy order. Sunday was a little less crowded but we still had to eat in our rooms because there wasn’t enough table space. Which is really the only downside to the hotel.

The food was delicious and if you left hungry it was your own fault. After our breakfast we went down to the pool and spent most of the morning in the pool and hot tub. There was only one other family in there so it wasn’t super crowded which was nice. The kids had a ball jumping from hot tub to the pool and swimming with each other. The parents spent most of their time in the hot tub but I ventured into the pool. It was a very nice deep pool but a little to cold, but my loving daughter pushed me in so I sucked it up and kept swimming. We loved the fact that the pool opened at 9 am and stayed open until 11 pm!! That is a great benefit when traveling with kids.

We then went upstairs for showers and I expected cold water because it was after 11:00 am but all was good!! Water pressure was good and we all completed showers and getting ready in record time!! It took a little bit of room hopping but we were right next door to each other so it turned out ok. The only thing that would have made it better if the rooms would have had a connecting door on the inside. But it definitely isn’t a deal breaker.

Saturday evening my best friend and I spent about 3 hours in the local emergency room with one of her daughter’s who ended up breaking her arm. While we were there the husbands and other 3 kids enjoyed the pool/hot tub and of course the Internet. They said there were several people swimming but there was still plenty of room. We checked out of the Barrington on Sunday morning about 9 am and the staff was just as friendly during check out as they were during check in.

I give the Barrington Hotel and Suites a 4.5 stars out of 5 and I would definitely stay there again!! If you are planning a trip to Branson, MO make sure you check them out before booking anywhere else!!

Our 2 night stay in the Barrington Hotel and Suites was provided by Chose Branson in exchange for my review and hosting of the giveaway that will be live on December 6th, 2012. Regardless of that all opinions above are my own.





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