Best Applications for the Safety of Your Family

The time has changed as the technology is getting advanced and many more things are transforming beautifully. But, when it comes to criminal cases, they are somehow revolving across the same constant figure. The overall crime across the globe is increasing. So everyone is concerned about their kid’s and family’s safety. But, don’t worry,  modern applications like finding my kids are providing us a better way of living by creating safe boundaries across the family. You can monitor everyone and help them within time in case of any trouble. Let’s explore a few from such applications helping parents to keep their kid’s safe:

Best Applications for the Safety of Your Family

Find My Kids:

Find my Kids is the best application for providing safety to your children. This app is available for both Android and iOS-based gadgets. All you need is to download the application, sign up and start tracking your kid. When talking about the feature of this app, it allows you to track the real-time location of your kid. This app will notify you of the visited places of your child. Suppose they reach school, tuition class or home, then you don’t call them all the time to know whether they reached or not?

With real-time location, you can check the kid’s movement history inside the app like which route they took from school or class. In the app, you can listen to what is happening around your kid so that you can understand if they are involved in the bad-companies? The best part of the app is, it allows kids to send SOS signal from their device in case of any danger. In such cases, parents will know their exact location and surrounding sounds recorded in the app. This app also allows you to check app usage statistics on the kid’s phone.


The Phone Sheriff

 With the Phone Sheriff, you can monitor your kid’s mobile without informing them. A time schedule can be done to restrict phone usage. You can lock the phone when you want so that the child cannot use the mobile more. So when talking about the key features of this app you can count on blocking phone numbers, setting up the custom time restrictions, app blocking, text message monitoring, custom activity alerts, and real-time location tracking. This application is compatible with Android tablets and smartphones. All it requires is to install the application then log in by accepting terms and conditions. Thus, you can start viewing your kid’s activities with a secured account.


Zoemob Family Locator

Zoemob is a child tracking app that lets you control the online activities of your kid. You will get the live updates of the target’s mobile location on your phone. And, no need to check it manually or by calling kids. The assistant service provided in the app is created to bring parents and children together.

Also, it has an inbuilt feature of generating location history. It has a panic button which is available in fewer parental apps. With this button, kids can share their location with their contacts on a single click. It is available for both Android and IOS versions. The best thing is that it is free of cost. The automatic and intelligent service helps you to manage events and commitments made to the children, school, and friends such as planning or activities.

Best Applications for the Safety of Your Family


As its name suggests, mSpy allows the parents to keep track of mobile usage and online activities. You can review their activities anytime you want without informing the kids. Also, it has facilities to monitor the call logs, time scheduling, managing online history, etc.

Also, it has SMS and calls monitoring features. You can restrict phone usage by locking the screen. It is available for both Android and IOS platforms at the price of $14 to $70 per month. It has different plans at different prices.

mSpy app is powerful enough to monitor Whatsapp, Snapchat, Messenger, Instagram, call log and SMS. You can also manage location tracking, photos, videos, and internet usage on kids’ cellphone.

mLite – Family Phone Tracker

mLite is a tracking app that performs multiple features like text and call monitoring. Also, you get the real-time location of the child with its GPS tracking feature. It is compatible with both Android and IOS. This app comes with varieties of features like a panic button, geofencing and location, monitoring, call logs, text messaging and contact lists. It allows you to check text messages over kid’s cellphone, know about your kid’s friends through contacts, monitor calls with whom your kid is talking over cellphone, if they are using dangerous apps, alert emails while reaching at a designated location to understand where they are at this point of time and emergency services.

Thus, don’t think twice. Download any of these applications and create a safety wall where your whole family lives in a prosperous way.