Best Bread Makers: The Most Appropriate Guide

Best Bread Makers: The Most Appropriate Guide

There is nothing welcoming in a home than the smell of freshly baked bread. It makes a home feel comfortable and welcoming even if it is not your home. This is why you should look for the best bread makers in the market and have them in your kitchen. This is not the only reason to have a bread making machine. Nothing bits the bread that you make at home; it is incomparable to the one that you buy at the shop. You can add all the ingredients that you feel like from the seeds, nuts to raisins and some of the bread making machines have their dispensers.With these dispensers, you can make any type of bread you want, any size depending with the bread maker you choose.

There are different types of bread making machines in the market and they come with different features. When choosing it, it’s important to look at them so as to get the types of machine that will suit your taste and preference. If you have decided to buy the best bread maker, below are some of things that you can consider: –

Expensive or cheap bread makers

It does not always matter if you buy a cheap or expensive bread maker, this is because they always perform the same type of job. The difference is always the programs that they have and certain features. Most of the less costly bread makers do simple things like making a white bread or wheat with very minimal options. This is different with high-end machines, which come with a variety of options. They also have advanced features that the inexpensive ones have. They also have ingredient dispensers which are can add ingredients to the dough and they are automatic. Some of them even have timers that you can delay up to 15 hours to the time you want to beak your bread and some of them keep the loaf warm to an hour. With that said the quality of a machine matter, so look for one that has the features that you want and has a long lifespan.

Bread maker size

The size of the bread maker is a thing to consider before buying. They come in different sizes from big to small or medium. If you are alone or a couple, you can go for a smaller machine because the size also determines the size of the bread that it will bake. Most of the machine bakes 1 to 2 pounds of bread. If you have a family or a business you can go for a bigger one. The size of the kitchen will also determine the size of the machine you will buy. If you have a small space, you will have to go for a smaller bread maker and if you want to get for a business or a large family you can go for a big size.

One or Two Paddles

These machines are different when it comes to paddles for kneading. There are those that have one paddle and others two. Those that have one paddle are less expensive and mostly kneads bread that is vertical. While the one that has two paddles is a little bit expensive and kneads horizontal loafs. The paddles can either be removable or collapsible. You will go for one that has the number of paddles that is convenient to you.

Number of loaves

Different bread making machines can make different number of loaves. This is why you should look at the different types of models that are in the market so that you can know the number of loaves that they can make. You just have to look at the programs setting of the bread maker, then you can know if it can make a variety of loaves such as white bread, whole bread, wheat, French bread, or gluten free. The model will also have an option where you can choose if you want your crust light, medium or dark.


There are those people that like their bread to have some extra ingredients like seeds, nuts,raisins and other dried fruits. Not all models of machines are able to do this. You will need to look for a bread making machine that has a dispenser for this ingredients. Most of these machines that have these options will let you know when to add the ingredients and when to chop them up. Not all the bread makers have these features.

Additional Features

 Machines come with other additional features but not all have them. There are those that have an option to make bread quickly which is referred as a quick bake. You can make bread under an hour if you are in a hurry. The quality of the bread is not the same as the one that is made for 3 to 4 hours.

The other features include a timer, which lets you bake at the time you want, you can knead your bread at night and then set it to cook in the morning, so you wake up with freshly made loaf of bread. The timer can go up to 15 hours. There are also those machines that have a viewing window. You can check the progress of your bread as it is baking.

Factors to consider when choosing the best bread machines

What factors do you consider when buying a bread making machine? Below are some of the features that you should look at: –


This will be determined by how much space you have andhow much bread you need to kneed. The bread that is found in the stores lasts longer than the one that you will bake at home because of the preservatives that they put in the bread. Having this in mind, youshould make a bread that can stay up to two days, otherwise it might spoil. That said, the size of the machine should be considered if you have a small family and do not need much bread, you should go for a smaller machine. The machines make one to three pounds of bread. If you have a larger family, you can go for the 3 pound one and if you are alone or a couple, you can choose the 1 or 1.5 pounds.

You may have a big or small kitchen and you will have to look at the space before buying the bread making machine. If you have a small kitchen then goes for a small machine or the one that can be placed at a counter top. If you have a big space in your kitchen, you can go for a larger machine which also has a big compartment.

Shape of the bread

It is not so necessary because it purely depends with your taste and preference. You may want the common rectangular shape that has been there or you may choose to have the horizontal one or vertical. For you to achieve this, you have to make sure the bread maker has two kneading blades so that it can mix the ingredients well and properly to achieve the shape you want.

Program Settings

This is the other feature that you should consider. If you are going to buy a bread maker even if you will have to cough more money, at least it should have some programs. There is a setting for controlling the crust where you can choose if you want it to be light, medium or dark.

There are also programs from different types of bread. You can set the machine to make sweet bread, French bread, whole wheat, gluten free and artisan bread. You may also wish to do something else other than baking bread and these machines with this program setting can also make jam, or even pizza dough.

There are times that you may want to make bread without kneading. These machines give you an option to bake without kneading and kneading without baking.  You can also pre-program your machine where you can add fruits or nuts to your dough. There are those machines that have that option of a dispenser. It will dispense at the right time,it may even remind you when to add some ingredients.

The other amazing setting is that you can delay the baking process to the time you want. You may want to bake your bread in the morning, so you set it to bake at that particular time. It helps you get freshly made bread at the exact time you want.

Bread Pan

There are those pans that have removable pan and other are inbuilt. It is advisable to go for the pans that are removable so the cleaning process can be easy. The ones that are inbuilt are very hard to clean and you may not clean them properly. It is also important for you to look for the pans that are non-stick, so that the dough cannot stick to the pan and is well knead.


This may not seem like something to consider when buying bread making machines but it is also important. There are those machines that are very noisy and most of them are the low quality ones. Most machines make some noise when in the process of kneading, but not so much.

The machines may also vibrate and hence move and fall. They may injure someone or get damaged. If you do not want noise you may be required to cough more money to get a high quality bread making machine that does not have or has lessnoise.


When shopping for a bread making machine it is important to consider the price. Different machines have different prices. There are those that are expensive and others cheap. The quality of machines will determine the prices of the machines. The price of the machine also depends on the features of the machine. Machines that have advanced settings will definitely be expensive and those that have less features will be cheap. That is why it is important to check on the price of the machines before deciding to buy the machine that you want. 

Kneading Paddles

There are machines that have a number of kneading paddles. They come in different shapes and sizes. These machines may have a paddle that is specifically for dough and another one for pasta. So this may come in handy when you are using one and cleaning the other one. It is also important to check if the paddles are removable so it can be easy to clean them. 

Product Reviews 

It is also important to check the product reviews. You can look at them in various blogs and on the online shops. All the buyers have different opinions of the bread making machines that are in the market. Some of them have used them and others have tested them, so they will say things that will help you when choosing. 

It is important for you to have a good bread making machine that will serve the purpose. Nothing bits the feeling of having freshly made bread at home. it brings a welcoming feeling. That is why you should get a bread making machine in your home. When you buy the machine, and then read through the manual so that you can know how to use the machine. It is also important to clean it fast thoroughly. Some of the machines come with their recipe books. Take a look at it and know which recipe you will begin with.

When you buy the machine, ensure that it well maintained. Make sure that you clean the machine with soap and water. So that the places that stick with flour can be cleaned out properly. When you finish cleaning wipes it off completely, so that it does not retain water and hence get rust. When you maintain your bread maker, it will last long. With this guide you will be able to know what to consider and what to look for when you are shopping for a bread making machine.



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