Buying Eyeglasses Online from Firmoo

Buying Eyeglasses Online from Firmoo

Glasses from Firmoo

Prescription glasses are expensive no matter what you do. I’ve had to wear glasses since Kindergarten and they are a part of everyday life. My family and I had recently had our eye exams at a local eye Dr. and of course upgraded three pairs of glasses. If you have a family you know just how costly one pair is, but when you throw in astigmatism, lens thinning, and of course scratch coating protection my glasses alone are easily over $400. OUCH! I do know we got our glasses at a very discounted rate because of the great eye insurance we have, but not everyone has that to rely on.

So when I was given a chance to review a pair of glasses from Firmoo I was excited to say the least. But I was skeptical because of ordering glasses online in the past hasn’t always worked out the best for me. But the process was relatively simple and you can virtually try them on by uploading your own pictures.

After going back and forth between a couple pairs of glasses I made my decision, and put my prescription into their form. After my decision was made I had my glasses ordered in less than 5 minutes and then the wait began. I got an email that said they were being shipped. After a few more days of waiting, I received the box that contained my glasses in it. I excitedly put them on and they fit great, the prescription was perfect and I was ready with a backup pair of glasses. All in all I am very happy with them but am glad that I have a second pair that had I paid out of pocket for they would have been about half price.

*I received a pair of eye glasses in exchange for this post, regardless all opinions are 100% my own.




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