Canada Vacation Planning

Bow Lake Banff National Park

Vacations are the perfect thing to do over summer break or anytime you can sneak away! Mr. SMSL and I have spent lots of time planning our latest vacation adventures. We are both pretty easy going when it comes to traveling, but there is always one small large difference. He is a mountain man and I am a beach lover so when we go on bigger vacations as opposed to getaways we have to do a little giving and taking. No matter which direction we go we always have a wonderful time, but this year is a mountain year so the planning is in full force.

We have had lots go on this summer and just haven’t found the time to get away but that time is quickly approaching. This year we have decided to make the plunge and head up north. North to Alaska?? Nope, not this time but it is a bucket list destination for us both, instead this year we are going to visit our neighbors to the North and head off to the Eastern side of Canada. Now, I do have to admit that planning an out of the country experience is taking a little longer than expected. But we are well on our way! 

Some of our planned travel adventures include: 

Drumheller, Alberta so we can explore the Sandstone Pillars on our way to the Atlas Cole Mine National Historic Site in East Coullee. There are even lots of dinosaurs on display at the Royal Tyrrell Museum so there will be plenty to see and do. 

Vancouver Island is a must visit destination for us because I get the beach I love and Mr. SMSL gets the mountains he loves. What other place in the world could we visit that we both get what we want? While we are there we plan to take in a whale watching tour, as well as go on a Bear Watching Tour. Then we will do a little bird watching to round out our stay. While there is much more that we can do, those are our must do activities while we are on the Island.

And last but not least we will take a tour through Banff National Park. We know that we will have an excellent trip and one that will be full of gorgeous views. But I do have to say that we are most looking forward to the lakes, rivers, mountains and even wildlife we encounter on our way! But if you don’t want to plan your own vacation check out my friends over at eShores because they have some amazing vacation plans we will be using to book our 2016 adventures! They have some endless possibilities and we can’t wait to get started on our next adventure!