Chicago with #VZWVoices #Save

Chicago 1

Chicago with #VZWVoices #Save! Verizon picked 16 bloggers from the “Midwest” to work with them as part of their #VZWVoices #Save program. I was chosen as one of the lucky 16 and spent a couple days traveling to Chicago and back. We had an awesome time, I met new people, had a wonderful  chauffeur and received a new Blackberry Z10 to try out. Of course, Mr. SMSL was the chauffeur and we made a few stops along the drive their and back with lots of Verizon goodies in the middle. So here is our trip in a nutshell.

bridge 2


The Bridges of Madison County were a must see on the trip up just so we could get out and stretch our legs. We saw two of them as well as drove through the quaint town of Winterset, Iowa. We quickly decided that we would need an entire day or even weekend to visit so we went along our merry way toward Chicago. We have a great trip planned back up to Winterset, Iowa soon!!



Mr. SMSL was super glad to find the Iowa80 truck stop and in true “trucker” fashion we had to take a look. Mr. SMSL has put a few miles in behind the wheel of some trucks in his day so off course this was a stop we had to make. It literally is like it’s own little city there, there was a lot of cool things to see and do. It was a fun pit stop along the way for us to see and now we can say we have been to The World’s Largest Truckstop!! 

Iowa 80


The next stop was a small town called LeClaire, Iowa home of the American Pickers AKA Antique Archaeology. We missed the shop being open by about 30 minutes but it was great for some photo’s. Maybe next time Danielle, Frank or Mike will be around for us to visit with. That would have made Mr. SMSL’s day!!

Antique Archaelogy


 Finally after a long day of traveling we made it to Chicago, Illinois and The Allerton Hotel!



Stay tuned for more details as I work on my Chicago and Verizon posts today and tomorrow. Verizon posts will be on going but I wanted to share the trip with you along the way(or two weeks later as it is now!)

“Disclosure: I am participating in the Verizon Savers Voice program and have been provided with a wireless device and six months of service in exchange for my honest opinions about the product.”