Chris Evans Interview Captain America

Chris Evans Interview Captain America

Chris Evans Interview with Captain America!! First off, I would like to say prior to being picked to go on this amazing trip I had never seen Captain America. So before my trip, I watched The Avengers as well as Captain America and was pleasantly surprised with both movies. Mr. SMSL loved Captain America and it was action packed so I was surprised we hadn’t watched it before.

Chris Evans Interview Captain America

We were allowed to attend a pre-screening of Captain America The Winter Solider as well as interview Scarlett Johannson, Chris Evans as well as Anthony Mackie as well as Kevin Feige. Each interview was nothing short of amazing and each one had an amazing personality. Chris Evans was a perfect gentleman, easy on the eyes and was humble which made the whole interview that much more exciting. It seriously felt like we were interviewing an old friend, which is something that we can all relate too!

Chris Evans Interview Captain America

We opened with a question asking Chris Evans what qualities are both in himself as well as Captain America. Which is a tough question but his answer was humble as well as something that we can all do. ” I think he’s always trying to do better. You know, I don’t think I’m as good of a man as he is, but I think as good of a man as he is, he’s always trying to improve, so I think the one thing I am working towards on a daily basis is just trying to find ways to evolve.”  Which is something that is hard to do even when you are Captain America!!

Captain America as a Role Model

When we asked Chris if Captain America has good qualities and play a role model we of course got an honest answer. He agreed that Captain America is a great roll model for kids. But admitted that he took the role it reminded him of a kid he grew up with named Charlie Morris. Charlie was the best kid he knew, an Eagle Scout and we all know how hard they have to work and it takes a long time to get there. Chris said this about Charlie, “He’s just such a good man, and he genuinely, genuinely puts himself last. He lives by a code. When nobody’s looking, he’s the man that he wants to be, and that’s impressive so Chris told him that he was modeling this character after him.”   Which is a great place to be in on and off the set of Captain America or in our lives everyday!! 

Chris Evans Interview Captain America


Favorite Scenes

The Elevator scene was an intense fight scene that was mind blowing. It was the first thing they shot and it took them three days to complete. The elevator was a fake elevator in a warehouse so that they could film it and according to Chris it was dance. Because he had to have rhythm, steps and beats all working together until he wins the fight.

But because of the filming conditions there wasn’t the ability to hide a stuntman. So it was a brutal scene to film because Chris was the one doing all of the “work” even though it was a fake fight. Between action shots he said he had about 30 seconds to catch his breath but it ended up being a workout all day long. Chris said, “It really felt like a giant accomplishment, and a solid way to kick off the movie, but it was a chore. But worth it.”

His favorite scene is the opening scene on the ship because of the way “Cap” moved the way I wanted him to move. He kicked someone, and the guy was gone,  an it was just such — it was very powerful, and it really showed, like, all right, I get it. That was the moment that Chris Evans felt like he actually belonged on the team of the Avengers because he earned his spot there. 

Chris Evans Interview Captain America

Batman or Captain America??

Seeing himself as Captain America for the first time was terrifying because at the time he was insecure and a little apprehensive about taking the role. But at the same time it was a real dichotomy because it was simultaneous joy and a deep fear that Chris said eroded over time. But now it is comfortable as well as this thought from him.

 It feels great now, and damn, if I had said no, I would have been the biggest fool on the planet.

We even asked him if Batman or Captain America would win. Captain America obviously, but all kidding aside they both have their perks. But if he had a second choice  he would like to be the Super Hero Human Torch from Johnny Storm. Or maybe even Iron Man but he could never fill Robert Downey Jr’s shoes, so he will stick with being Captain America for now.

Chris Evans Interview Captain America

Captain America Shield

Of course Captain America wouldn’t be complete without his trusty shield and there are four or five different shields used in the movie. He even explained to use what each shield was made out of which was cool to find out some behind the scenes tricks.

There’s the one shield that’s the one shield that’s heavy and ridiculous, and you know, that’s just for show, and then every now and then, if you gotta hit somebody, you get this kind of fiberglass shield. And if you gotta throw it, you get a foam shield.

He even got a shield to have at home and with most props it comes out after a few drinks with friends and they have their own photo shoot.

Most Memorable Moment During the Film

For Chris was when Robert Redford walked onto the set. Because the whole set was a buzz they were of course nervous, scared, and honored that a living legend was with them. But who wouldn’t be right? Chris said, “sharing the screen with him, I mean, c’mon. That’s it? All right! —His smile said it all!!

How do you get into the mindset of a man out of time?

His answer was simple, “Oh, Internet.” He likes the Howdy Doody swirl, tightened up just a little bit but it wasn’t so much about the tech shock it’s more about adjusting to society. The way the government works,

I think in the Forties who’s bad. Nazis are bad. We can all agree on that. I think given those technological advancements, it becomes a little bit harder to ensure the freedom that we offer and promise. And, as a result, it becomes this gray area of, in order to guarantee people’s safeties, you may have to infringe upon their civil liberties. And this is where it bumps for Cap. This isn’t something he’s okay with. There’s a good line in the movie where Nick Fury says, “SHIELD takes the world as it is, not as we’d like it to be,” and that’s a tough pill for Cap to swallow. You know, I think a lot of compromise, in terms of morality, comes in the form of exposure. You know, the first time you’re exposed to something, it’s going to be hard to process, but the more you’re kind of around it, the more you realize the necessity. So, this is all just new for Cap, and it just rubs him the wrong way, and it’s a growth experience for him.

We even asked him how working with Anthony Mackie was his response was that, “he’s fantastic.” They are very similar people and even met one night while they were both out.

Movies can be extremely tedious and tiresome, and I have never seen him drag on a film set. He comes to set, and immediately has an energy, and everybody is smiling and laughing. And, you know, certain days when he’s not there, you’re like, “Why? Why is this day awful? Mackie is not here! Where’s Mackie?”  He’s just, he’s a ball of energy, and you know, he’s just a very optimistic person, and it’s infectious.

He was even nice enough to take  a picture with us so we could always remember our interview. He was genuinely one of the nicest men I have ever met and he is the perfect Captain America!! So be sure you head out to the theater on April 4,2013 to watch this amazing movie!!

Chris Evans Interview Captain America

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*Disclosure: I received an all expenses paid trip to Los Angeles for the #ABCTVEvent and #Disneyevents in exchange for my coverage. All opinions are 100% my own.

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