Christmas Light Displays in St. Joseph, MO

Christmas Light Displays in St. Joseph, MO

Sorry the photos don’t do it justice! Lights are hard to photograph!


Each year we travel to St. Joseph, MO to enjoy the Christmas Light Displays and it has been a Christmas tradition for at least 15 years. But this year we finally found the elusive house that played music as well as put a light display on at the same time. We have tried for years to find it, but never got that lucky, but this year we finally found the directions to the house. Here is the story of the Christmas Lights as it went this year!

Christmas Light Displays in St. Joseph, MO

Christmas light displays in Saint Joseph Mo

Mr. SMSL and I went to St. Joesph to finish some Christmas shopping a week or so ago. While we were there a friend of mine posted a picture of a house lit up for the holidays that also played music. So, we went on a Google quest to find this display, which was found at 21st and Commercial and I was like a kid in a candy store. It was magical, brought the Christmas spirit to life even for the adults and we enjoyed the light show tremendously. I would have to say that the Trans Siberian Orchestra songs were my favorites, but they were all amazing! This light display is known as “The Dancing Lights”.

The Dancing Lights on 21st street just off of Commercial be sure you to tune into 88.9 on the radio to help you get into the Christmas spirt.

Here is that video:

Another address to check out is at the corner of North 31st. No music, but they have a fun display set up for all to enjoy.
We enjoyed it so much that we told everyone we talked to all about it. Including my Mother-in-Law who was dying to go, so we loaded up in the car one night and headed back over to St. Joseph, MO to enjoy the Christmas light show. We went back to the above house, and then while watching that show we noticed the donation sign. He had thanked  Jerry H. for his help and told us to make sure we checked out that display as well.
That address is 3002 Newport Road, and it was the “elusive” house I’ve been wanting to see for years. Tune into 107.1 FM for the music while you are there! 
Christmas light displays in Saint Joseph Mo
Be sure you drive up on St. Joseph Avenue as well because there is also a Santa Claus delivering presents in an upstairs window. 
While the light show on Newport Road was amazing, but I do believe it was Santa delivering presents who took the cake. I was once again rendered speechless as I watched the amazing light show, listened to the music and of course “caught Santa” in the act. To see the little kids faces light up when they saw Santa was absolutely amazing, and shows you that Santa does exist if you truly believe. After watching that display for quite some time we decided it was time for our annual drive-through Holiday Park.
On our drive over to Holiday Park we passed another house decorated for the holidays on Randolph street. Each one was as unique as the next one and I am certain we will be referencing this list for years to come. Tune your radio to 89.1 for the Holiday Park station.
A special thanks for the Cherry Mash Candy Bar, they are always the absolute best when they are cold and fresh! Holiday Park is open from 6 pm-10 pm nightly opening the Friday after Thanksgiving. 
There is also a house on Randolph Street that we found this year as well. I just don’t have the house numbers, but if you are on Newport road you aren’t far from the 2nd house!! 
 After we left Krug Park AKA Holiday Park went up the road to Fernadale and saw the most amazing view of Holiday Park I have ever seen. So before the holidays are over make sure you head to St. Joseph, MO and check out all of these wonderful Christmas Light Displays.
I promise it is worth the drive!
Thanks to everyone who puts on these displays for people like me to enjoy! Want to have some holiday fun while out? Check out the Selfie Scavenger Hunt Holiday Edition! Find Cook Street and you will find Frosty and some other friends! 
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