A Clutter Free Closet

A Clutter-Free Closet

A Clutter Free Closet

With the beginning of March comes the sight of Spring and I for one can’t wait for this glorious day. However, when the weather starts clearing up, that also means it is time to clean closets, do some spring cleaning and finally putting away your heavy sweaters, coveralls, coats and so on. So when you are switching out your clothes it is time to get a clutter free closet once and for all.

The first thing that I do is start sorting my clothes into three piles, keep, toss or sell. Then when I have my closet cleared out I take the time to wipe down the walls, rods and so on. I don’t know why, but it always gives me a great feeling knowing that it is clean. Then I put the clothes I want to keep back into my closet or ┬áinto storage boxes if it is winter clothes.

Then, I work on the next pile of toss. The ones that make good rags, need a new life or are just wore out. I think outside the box and do whatever I can to save money in other areas! I’ve been reusing old clothes for as long as I can remember, thank goodness Nana told me how to do it!

The last pile is the sell pile and I of course give my friends/family first dibs on the clothes I’m getting rid of. Then, anything they don’t want I list on a local swap shop group at reasonable prices and watch my pile dwindle. After a week anything that isn’t sold I take to a local thrift shop where they sell them at drastically reduced prices for those that are less fortunate. They even help families in their time of need such as house fires and the like.

An easy trick I use at the beginning of every season is to place items on the rack backwards. Then, as I wear the item and it has been washed I return it to the closet with the hanger facing the “correct” way. Then at the end of the month anything I haven’t worn gets put into a box for storage or donated.

Using these tips at the beginning of every season your closets will be organized and you will have less clutter too!!



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Sue Hull

I have to clean out my bdrm closet and hall closet. I’m having my daughter’s baby shower in a couple wks, and I’ve been putting all the baby stuff I’ve won in my hall closet. Now it’s time to pull stuff out so I can get to the big box it’s in. I always dread spring cleaning, but I feel so good when it’s done. Your closet looks nice. I love the red storage drawers.