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Conquer Fall with Dasani Drops

Conquer Fall with Dasani Drops

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Dasani and Markerly. However, all opinions are 100% own my as well as photographs. 

Dasani Drops

As Summer is winding down and making way for Fall I’m struggling to drink enough water each day. It is recommended you drink 8 eight ounce glasses a day and there are days that I’ve barely been doing two! I don’t have the answer as to why really, other than the cooler weather but after doing some research I have now found my answer! I know it’s important to refresh and hydrate but it’s tough some days but with Dasani Drops Flavor Enhancer I’m drinking more each day!


I’m drinking more each day with the help of Dasani Drops because it tastes great, adds fun to water and of course makes it even more refreshing! So instead of just telling you how much I love Dasani Drops (and I do!) I decided to let you in on a few of my secret weapons to help my Fall hydration routine. 

  1. Pack Dasani Drops into your purse and keep them with you at all times. Pick your favorite flavor and that one is the one that you always carry.
  2. Instead of that second cup of coffee, wait 10 minutes; then have a glass of water flavored with Dasani Drops. 
  3. Going out with friends? Pack your Dasani Drops with you and cut down on adult beverages without sacrificing taste. 
  4. Encourage your kid(s) to drink more water and with the great taste of Dasani Drops they will think it’s delicious too! 
  5. Dasani Drops are a zero-calorie liquid beverage enhancer making it the perfect way to cut a few calories out of your day. 
  6. Before each meal drink a glass of water flavored with Dasani Drops. That way you get 3 guaranteed glasses of water and the added bonus is that you don’t eat as much.
  7. Carry a bottle of water with you no matter where you are headed. I keep mine full throughout the day to help me stay on track I set alarms on my phone. 

Conquer Fall with Dasani Drops

Dasani Drops come in four fun flavors including strawberry-kiwi, pink lemonade, pineapple coconut, and mixed berry. Which allows you to mix up your “water” flavors and easily get four delicious glasses of water drank in no time. I would have to say that my absolute favorite is Strawberry-Kiwi. But my least favorite is the pineapple coconut just because of the coconut taste, but I tried it before giving it to Mr. SMSL for his water while he is at work.

Even if you are watching calories Dasani Drops are the perfect addition into your daily routine because they are a zero calorie liquid beverage enhancer. That means they taste great and provide flavor but without hurting your waistline! They are the perfect sized container at 1.9 fluid ounce bottles with a flip-top cap for those of us on the go! Each container provides 32 servings making it a great value and we all know how much I love bargains! 

Be sure to check out Dasani on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram too! 

What would be your favorite Dasani Drops flavor? 




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