Create Monthly goals

Create Monthly goals

Create Monthly goals

If the goal you have set is one that will take you all year to complete you may want to seriously consider breaking it up into monthly segments. This will give you a new deadline for each month. Write out each goal for the end of every month and keep track of your progress.

Create a simple spreadsheet for each month and the specified goal.

For example:

April 30th – I will be walking each day for at least 30 minutes.


April 30th – I will be putting $25 each month into my retirement/business fund.

Each monthly segment should build from the previous month and lead you to successfully completing your main goal.

You could also sub divide this further by creating a weekly goal spreadsheet which further segments your actions. This is a personal choice but some people find that they are more accountable and motivated when their plans are outlined in as much detail as possible.

Samples of Goals

In case you are still stuck at how to define your goal we have listed some goals that you can use. At the very least they should spark ideas which you can easily adapt for your own use.

Professional Goals Relating to Your Career

Setting a date to become a manager

Reading 1 book by April on the best way to change careers

Submit your resume to 10 employers by February 1st

Self publish that book that has been sitting on your hard drive

Outsource a task to a freelancer

Plan out and take action on that new business you have always wanted

Actually write and send out your monthly Newsletter

Find an accountability partner
Personal Finances

Put away $100 per month towards a new car payment

Save $6,000 by the end of the year towards that new house

Pay off your credit card by December 31

Consolidate your finances and get a line of credit in place by April
Business Finances

Ask for a raise on your next anniversary or review date

Work part time to save extra for that house down payment

Pick up one new client for your freelance business each month

Invest $1,000 into the stock market

Replace 50% of your salary by working on your own business

Quit your job by December 31 and work from home

Look for a new higher paying position and secure it by the end of the year
Goals Related to Improving Your Skills

Finish your degree by June

Increase your monthly payment on your college loan and get it paid off

Finish your teaching degree

Become a licensed yoga instructor

Become a licensed Masseuse

Offer to teach a class at your gym

Learn a foreign language

Take a cooking class

Take a computer related class

Pass your State’s bar exam

Go for that Police test

Health and Fitness Related Goals

Lose 10 pounds by April

Train for a 5K and enter one in July

Fit into those tight fitting jeans by the end of summer

Fit into that bathing suit by June

Cut out one can of soda per day

Reduce the amount of coffee you drink by one cup per day

Eat 100 calories fewer every day

Take a 15 minute walk every day

Get up and do 50 sit ups each morning before getting dressed

Lose 2 inches of your waist by August

Lose 52 pounds by December 31

Compete in a 10k by the end of the year

Learn how to ride a bike, play golf etc

Taking swimming or dancing lessons

Take self defence classes

Cut out sugar in your diet by reducing the amount you use in your coffee and tea

Use sea salt

Buy organic fruits and vegetables

Stick to Meatless Mondays for the entire year

Only order take out and fast foods once per month
Dating and Relationship Goals

Plan a trip for your wedding anniversary this year

Schedule a date night at least once a week

Celebrate with your spouse/girlfriend/boyfriend this Valentine’s Day

Write your loved one a love letter and mail it to them

Make a break from your relationship by April 1

Send that someone special flowers or a bottle of wine on their birthday

Tell your spouse you love them once a week at least

Hug your spouse every day

Start going out on dates again

Join that dating site by February 1

Take a getaway weekend to celebrate a long weekend
Family Related Goals

  • Read your young kids a bedtime story
  • Watch TV at least once a week with your kids
  • Dedicate Sunday’s as family time for the entire summer
  • Take your kids to the golf course with you
  • Put the kids into swimming lessons
  • Visit your own parents at least once a month
  • Take your family to see a sports game at least once
  • Enjoy a family night out at the movies during the summer vacation
  • Book a family camping trip
  • Buy that new puppy your promised by Spring
  • Help your parents move closer to you
  • Hold that garage sale in May
  • Plan a family BBQ for the July long weekend
  • Take your kids to see a wild life safari
  • See a wild animal in its natural habit
  • Go on an air boat ride in the Florida Everglades

Travel and Dream Related Goals

  • Go ski-ing with your family
  • Visit Disney World before your youngest goes to school
  • By or rent an RV for your summer vacation
  • Visit your State’s local tourist attractions
  • Plan to drive across the country this summer
  • Visit New York State this fall
  • Drive to the nearest ocean and walk on the beach
  • Go to the Olympics
  • Take your family to a professional sports game this year
  • Visit Niagara Falls by July
  • Finish writing that book you started by November
  • Go on a European river cruise with your spouse in the spring
  • Buy that vacation home you have always been putting off
  • Send the kids to their grandparents for the month of August
  • Teach your son/daughter to drive this summer
  • Drive a sports car
  • Plan out your trip to Australia by August
  • Visit the Great Wall of China
  • Visit your birth town and take your family with you

Use any of the above goals as suggestions to match your own dreams and desires. Remember that you can achieve great things in all areas of your live. You just need the determination to take action and stick to your guns.



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