What is Customer Success?

What is Customer Success?

I love saving money and while I do enjoy spending money in some ways also, I would much rather save it than spend it. But we all know we have bills to pay, things that we have to buy and save for. Which is why having a budget in place is one of the most important things you can do for your own success.

But today we are going to talk about Customer Success and what it takes to successfully sell things and get customers coming back to buy more. First and foremost when it comes time to market your product you have to solve a problem for your customer. For example, people follow me for money-saving advice, yummy recipes and of course all things frugal. So I wouldn’t be successful at promoting a luxury product, because most of my customers don’t fit that demographic. While once in a while they make a purchase that surprises me, most of the time they purchase items that are budget friendly.

Solve a Problem or offer a solution

Busy parents don’t have time to do everything they have to do in a day, so I offer them easy solutions that they can implement into their daily lives without taking a lot of extra time. Start small and build your way up, but the first purchase is most important because if you can get them to buy from you once, they will be back time and time again.

Build Your Products

After you have your first initial product that solves a problem or offers a solution, you then get to create your next product. It will be a little more in depth than the first one, but it still has to solve a problem. Make it valuable enough that you make a profit from your efforts, but not too expensive that no one wants to purchase it. Then, contact your first customers via email and tell them all about your new product. Because they have gotten something from you before, they are more likely to click purchase than a brand new set of clients. But those will come as well, just make sure you have a great foundation first.

After you have two successful products, you continue the pattern to help your customers solve their problem. It doesn’t have to be a physical product, it can be a service, but in order to be successful, you have to know who your ideal customer is. If you start building from the ground up you will be more successful in your business efforts. Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither were most businesses, it takes time and lots of hard work and dedication to make it work.

Your goal is to retain customers because a repeat customer spends on average 67% more than a new customer. So keep them coming back for more, whether it be money-saving or luxury items. The more you retain your customers the more successful your business will be in the end.

What is Customer Success?





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