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Decisions You Must Make With Your New Pup

Decisions You Must Make With Your New Pup

Are you bringing a new puppy home? Here are some of the choices that you’ll have to consider before the big day arrives. 

Indoors Or Outside?

This is largely going to depend on the type of dog you want and the climate you live in. obviously, some climates are not going to be suitable to leave your dog outdoors. You need to consider training and safety too. It is possible for a dog that lives outdoors to be stolen or injured due to nefarious activities. The benefit of having an outdoor dog is that you don’t need to worry about problems with hair around the home or any of the growing pains such as them relieving themselves on the carpet. All the issues like this are avoided completely. 

Of course, you might find that you start off with your dog outdoors but miss them too much and then decide to bring them inside. This leads to another question that you’ll need to answer. 


Upstairs Or Downstairs?

Or, rather, is your dog going to sleep with you or by themselves? This is a question you need to ask once you’ve decided they will be an indoor pooch. Now, there are a few things to think about here. First, just like a baby, pups cry a lot over the first few weeks and even months. This is going to be far less of a problem if they are in the room with you and can see you from their bed. If not, you’re going to have to bear with it. You can’t go down too often but you will need to go sometimes because quite often they’ll be crying to relieve themselves. You can’t leave them to do this in their crate or their pen so you’ll have to learn to recognise which cries to keep and which to ignore. Be aware that a ticking clock inside a pillow is a great way to stop a pup crying. It reminds them of their mother’s heartbeat. 

Now if you choose to keep them upstairs with you, you’ll have to be prepared for issues when they age. When a dog ages, the walk upstairs becomes a lot more difficult and puts pressure on their joints. You also can’t suddenly decide that they can’t sleep upstairs with you. Dogs are creatures of habit and if you make a change like this, they will cry and bark. This isn’t really their fault. You will have taken away something that they probably found comfortable and reassuring. 

A bonus point would be whether you let your dog share the bed. Some dogs love this but be warned they do have boundary issues and will have no issues problem out even if it means pushing you off. 


Collar Or Harness?

Contrary to believe there’s no right answer here. A harness provides more control and puts less pressure on the dog’s neck. A collar ensures that there’s more freedom for the dog to move around and is better in climates that are hot. It’s less weight on the dog too which can mean that it’s better for your back. You’ll need to make a judgement call here and decide which is right for you. Long-haired dogs are better with collars but dogs that pull on leads might be happier with a harness. You’ll also find that collars are more suitable to leave on whereas a harness should really only be worn on a walk. That’s an issue for some owners because they can be a nuisance to put on the dog. Collars come in a wide variety of styles and you can get a luxurious leather dog collar for your pup. 


At Home Or With You?

You do need to think about whether you’re going to leave the pup at home through the day. It might seem like the only option but a lot of businesses are now embracing the possibility of bringing pets and specifically dogs to work. This is particularly true if your dog is well behaved and can be trusted in this type of environment. If you’re going to leave your dog at home, you should make sure that you are coming back to be with them at lunch and taking them out for a walk. It’s worth noting that dogs do not go to sleep all through the day as most owners believe. Some owners who use cams and other equipment have found that their dogs cry near nonstop until they come home. These dogs tend to have anxiety about being left and it’s quite common in rescue pups. 

DIY Training Or Obedience Classes?

DIY Training Or Obedience Classes?

DIY Training Or Obedience Classes?

Do consider whether you are going to train the pup yourself or use a professional service. Training a pup yourself can be more fun and provide a more personal connection. However, getting training through a service such as a pro trainer can provide more beneficial results. It’s something you might want to consider if you’ve been struggling to get your pup to master some of the basics or if they have issues socializing. Dogs like this will often learn in big groups and this can provide the socialization they need. It can ensure that they’re not aggressive towards other dogs when they are older. 

Dog Food Or The Occasional Treat?

Dog Food Or The Occasional Treat?

Finally, you need to think about what you’re going to feed your pup. Be aware that there are special options for pups first. You can then switch to different dog food as your furry friend grows. You also need to think about whether you’re going to keep them consistently on dog food or provide them with a human treat every once in a while. 


Dogs actually love the food we eat and most breeds can handle quite a lot of what we consume. They may even find it tastier than their typical dog food. However, this can cause begging behaviour where a dog will want what you’re eating all the time. To avoid this make sure that you only feed them from their bowl and always give them the food separate from when you’re eating and where you’re eating. That way you can treat them on occasion without this issue. 


We hope this helps you handle some of the biggest choices you’ll have when you bring a new pup into your home. 


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