Decluttering – What It Entails

Decluttering – What It Entails

Decluttering – What It Entails
The term “decluttering” has been a catch phrase for a number of years. Some think it is simply cleaning a house, but if you have seen television shows about hoarding or cleaning, you know it can be much more than that. So, what does it entail?

The World English Dictionary defines decluttering as the act of getting rid of mess and disorder. This is generally a two-step process:

1. Get rid of the current clutter you have in your home.

2. Avoid letting additional clutter into your home.

You may have heard the old adage, “A place for everything and everything in its place.” For those struggling with clutter, this often becomes a mantra or battle cry.

Focus on small areas at a time so that way you can declutter without having a breakdown in the process. Each Spring I tackle every room in the house and every thing in it has to fit into a criteria. It takes a few days to get them done and you have to be dedicated not to quit, but the process of watching stuff leave your house and becoming less cluttered is really a relief when it comes down to it.

We also work together on areas that we all use and store things in such as the spare room. My husband swears he doesn’t have anything in there but by the end of the day he has usually learned other wise. We keep each other encouraged and motivated to keep sorting through stuff. This year I’m planning on tackling my teacher resources to go through and sell all of those. I haven’t used it in 4 years so why should I have it cluttering up my house?

The trick to decluttering is only touching everything you touch once. We have a toss, donate and keep pile or box then we take care of each box as it gets full. Trash bags are great for donation items like clothes, blankets and such. Boxes are a must have and we load them into the truck as soon as we are done filling a box. You will honestly be amazed at the amounts of “stuff” you are getting rid of and trust me it feels fabulous!

We stand by the trash can when we check the mail so that way junk mail can quickly be thrown away. Important mail is either filed or paid depending on the piece of mail. Then it is stacked in the bill box for out going mail.

If we buy something new, we have to get rid of something we haven’t used. Since our local thrift shop is only open on Thursday and Friday’s we keep bags of things to donate in our car for those dates. I also make it a challenge to donate something to them at least twice a month.

Tackle small areas and watch the clutter disappear this Spring! I will try to remember to take some pictures to show you just how much I’m decluttering this Spring!





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