Digital Marketing for Entertainment Industry in 2018

Digital Marketing for Entertainment Industry in 2018


Unlike in the past where discovering theatre-related news was only possible through reading weekly magazines, engaging with stars is currently so much easier especially through social media. Movie producers are increasingly acknowledging the digital space as a cost-effective opportunity to advertise their films. This is probably because the traditional marketing methods are more sales oriented as opposed to being partner-oriented, thus it ultimately struggles to prove ROI.


Conversely, digital marketing provides an excellent opportunity for collecting and interpreting data effectively. This allows the entertainment companies to make concise and insightful choices for promoting their brands. With digital marketing, it’s a whole lot easier for entertainment executives to get a clear perception of advertisement initiatives and henceforth adjust their strategies. It’s, therefore, not a wonder to see the entertainment industry spending huge amounts of money on digital marketing. This advertising platform allows the film producers to reach massive numbers of fans without having to break the bank.

For people who are looking to utilize digital marketing for the entertainment industry in 2018, here are some of the benefits to be derived from it.


Enhanced Fan Engagement

The entertainment industry is among the key areas that can significantly benefit from digital marketing. This is attributable to the relatively high demand for entertainment products. It is, therefore, depressing to find entertainment professionals sparingly utilizing promotion tools such as email marketing as part of their campaign, a severe oversight that ought to be rectified promptly.

With appropriate digital marketing, the entertainment companies can establish a stronger connection with their consumer base. They should, for instance, engage a competent marketer to test and subsequently refine their email marketing strategy constantly. This is in addition to tracking the metrics relating to performance, including conversion and open rates.

However, while email marketing is an effective means of promoting the entertainment industry, it’s hardly the only tool that can be utilized to this effect. For example, social media also play a crucial role in promoting this industry by influencing the audience’s decisions regarding what they watch, listen to or play. The entertainment companies will, therefore, want to monitor their social media performances. To achieve this, these companies need to set up a system through which data can be collected efficiently from social media channels. This way, marketers can swiftly and effectively act upon the gathered information to fuel their marketing campaigns further.


Deeper Segmentation of the Entertainment Market

After collecting all the data, it’s essential to have it properly managed lest all the efforts prove to be futile. Nothing much can be achieved by merely heaping the data into a single list; this is not only limiting, but it might also be dangerous. A smart marketer understands not only the importance of collecting data but also the need to manage it. Fortunately, most entertainment professionals comprehend this concept. This has seen the majority of entertainment companies segmenting their email subscriber lists on the basis of demographics.


Segmentation is not only concerned with covering personal information but also how the audiences watch a particular media. For example, different generations have diverse watching habits, with younger people viewing shorter trailers and videos right from their mobile devices. Conversely, the older generations would rather view longer media from the comfort of their couches, probably on their desktops or laptops. That said, it would be prudent to place the entertainment meant for younger demographics on mobile devices and modern apps. Content intended for older generations can be optimized for branded portals, which facilitate a deeper experience for the user.


The Power of Streaming

While social media plays a vital role in promoting companies in the entertainment industry, marketers should also acknowledge the profound role of streaming. Improved bandwidth has seen more people seeking more affordable prices, which is where streaming comes in handy.


Bottom Line

Until recently, it was sufficient to simply advertise movies on electronic media, billboards or even print. With the current stiff competition in the entertainment industry, it’s imperative to capture the attention of prospective audiences even before the film is released in theatres. It is, therefore, not a wonder to see marketers increasingly relying on the power of the internet, which entails creating a powerful marketing strategy for the film content.

Nowadays, movies audiences are not big fans of being spoon-fed with content about a particular film. They would rather discover such information by themselves, which makes better SEO for a website imperative in addition to utilizing other tools like email marketing. Creating an effective digital marketing strategy for the entertainment industry is largely dependent on a marketer’s ability to keep up with the rapidly changing trends. It’s also important to keenly monitor the social media for enhanced brand equity. Understanding the target audience of the entertainment content is very crucial to the success of the marketing campaign.




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