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DinoTrux App from Dreamworks

DinoTrux App from Dreamworks

DinoTrux Executive Producers

DinoTrux is officially out on Netflix today and tonight we are binge watching all of the episodes! We love most cartoons but DinoTrux is one of my favorites because back in June I got to head out to Los Angeles to get a peak into behind the scenes action. I was able to voice Revvitt, meet Executive Producers Ron Burch and David Kidd who poured their heart and souls into DinoTrux and got to hear lots of things about the series from behind the scenes.

It of course was an amazing trip filled with lots of great memories but one of the best things we heard about was the free DinoTrux App! We got a peak into the app and a spoiler alert that they built a garage together to live in. They app was developed with keeping even the youngest kids in mind so kids as young as 3 can play it with ease. I love that kids can bring their favorite characters to life and play with them in an interactive way!

DinoTrux App from Dreamworks

So here are my top ——-reasons to download the new DinoTrux App today!

1. It allows your kids the ability to bring to life their favorite characters like Ty, Revvett, Skya, Dozer, Ton-Ton and last but not least Garby.

2. The DinoTrux app is easy to learn and kids are off an running with their favorite characters.

3. Training your favorite characters is easy to do and the more ore you collect the more you level up. So even the little guys are rewarded for playing. Who doesn’t love rewards?

4. After each time the kids play with the DinoTrux they go back to the garage where you can repair them, wash them, and feed them. Which in my opinion is a great way to teach responsibility starting at a young age. So it’s educational too, so it’s a double win!

DinoTrux App from Dreamworks

5. Building your own craters and more available from each episode.

6. Interact with each character, read about them, and of course watch videos of your favorite DinoTrux in action.

With all of that fun, why wouldn’t you download it for the kids to play?? It’s available on Google Play and Apple Devices so download yours today!

DinoTrux App from Dreamworks

Don’t forget to whip up a batch of  Ore Cupcakes , download your DinoTrux Coloring SheetsTy-Totally Cherry Drink, and Exploding Ore Bites to help make your DinoTrux viewing party a success!


Be sure you download the DinoTrux App, whip up some exploding ore cupcakes, and some Ty-Totally Cherry drink to sip on! Then send the kids home with some Ore to munch on after the party!

Be sure to tune into Netflix to start Binge Watching this awesome show now!


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