Discovery Center Springfield, Missouri

Discovery Center

Discovery Center in Springfield, Missouri is a fun, educational and is a great location for a field trip!! My sister Heather, her daughter’s Ivy and Sage as well as my daughter (Liz) and I went for a fun filled afternoon. Liz is 14, Ivy is 7 and Sage is 4 and a good time was had by all of us at the Discovery Center. In the above collage you can see the kids (and my sister) digging for fossils playing with the Gyro Chair (that we never got to work correctly) and more. The table that they were playing with on the bottom right was a fun table and items would spin like crazy when it was done correctly. (Thanks to the helpful worker that showed the girls how to do it correctly). How many aluminum cans (3rd picture top row) was a great guessing game for the kids and adults as well. In the bottom row on the right hand side you will see the answer. Who knew there was that many cans in there!!

Discovery Center

There was so much to do that we actually split up after a bit and let the kids explore what they “wanted” to. Heather and Sage found some bees for Uncle Eric (I never found them) and Sage loved watching them because it was cool. While Heather and Sage did that we explored the human body. Here was my favorite activity and the older girls had a ball blowing bubbles. The one on the bottom middle was the biggest that they got, but they had such a great time!!!

Here was our favorite hair raising experience!! The kids did this activity over and over, and as you can tell my sister Heather joined in the fun as well. You stand on a stool and put both hands on the silver ball and the worker adds electricity. Your hair stands on end because of it and it is super cool. This was our all time favorite stop and there were even high school/college aged students joining in on the fun.

Sage enjoyed the Wonderland for kids ages 5 and under. She got to explore and do fun things that Lizzie and Ivy couldn’t do. While Sage and Heather did that Ivy, Elizabeth, and I enjoyed Discovery town and then again when Sage got done. We had a great time at Discovery Center in Springfield, MO!

*I received complimentary tickets for Discovery Center, but all opinions as always are 100% my own.