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Disney Consumer Products Preview #LittleMermaidEvent

Disney Consumer Products Preview #LittleMermaidEvent

Disclosure:  I  attended the #‎DisneyPlanesPremiere‬ and ‪#‎LittleMermaidEvent‬. My flight, lodging and expenses were all covered by Disney. However,  all opinions are my own.

Disney Consumer Products Preview #LittleMermaidEvent

All of the amazing new Little Mermaid Products coming to stores near you!


Disney Consumer Products Preview #LittleMermaidEvent was an amazing event on the first night we were in Los Angeles. They did an amazing job at transporting us to “Under the Sea” in the Roosevelt Ballroom and everything was simply breathtaking. The picture above is all of the great products that you can purchase because of the Diamond Edition of The Little Mermaid coming out on DVD September of 2013. In true Disney form the Disney Magic took over that night with food, fun, friends and so much more.


Outside the ballroom was The Little Mermaid Sign on the top, the tables were elegantly dressed, and even the mirror was decorated with Ariel scenes. Each table had a gorgeous centerpiece pictured on the left, place cards for our social media hashtags and the bottom right we were on the Disney Princess stage showing off our new shirts. They had a great section set up of  where they did screen printing of those shirts after we picked what shirt we wanted. I had some amazing pictures to show you but while in LA my cell phone decided to quit working and that was some of the pictures I lost.

But Stephanie from Making of A Mom got this amazing video to show you the process it went through once we picked the design choice we wanted. 

The room was set up in sections with tables so we could all sit around and see the stage where John Clements and John Musker (writer and director of The Little Mermaid). They joined us for the evening to tell us all about The Little Mermaid and gave us a chance to win some amazing Little Mermaid new merchandise.

Reusable Bag, Sephora Perfume, Part of your World Bracelet, Ariel wig, and the Mermaid to Princess Ariel.

At the end of the night we were greeted with The Little Mermaid goodie bags! Our 15 year old daughter even got into the Disney Magic and posed for a picture wearing the Ariel wig, t-shirt that we made and of course holding the other loot. My nieces and nephews have had a ball playing with the new Little Mermaid Merchandise we were given and some of them even have added a few Ariel items to their Christmas wish lists.



Top left hand side is the Under the Sea Surprise Ariel that sells for $29.99. It sings, says sounds and phrases from favorite movie moments. When it is in water Ariel’s tail lights up making it one of my favorites. The 3rd picture is an Ariel Musical Light up Dress that lights up and plays “Under the Sea” making it a must have for dress up or even a Halloween Costume. The Ariel Musical Light up dress is only $34.99 and would sure to be a hit with your own children.

Disney Consumer Products Preview #LittleMermaidEvent

Image Courtesy of the Disney Consumer Products


The top right picture is that of Eric and Ariel   Disney Fairytale Designer Dolls. Only 6,000 of each set of dolls will be made and available in Disney Stores on October 15 and October 16th online. The picture doesn’t do it justice, but they are simply a must have for those of us who grew up watching “The Little Mermaid” as kids. I told Mr. SMSL that is what I wanted for Christmas this year, so we will see if he delivers.

The second row is filled with lots of goodies including plush characters of “The Little Mermaid Crew”. These plush characters include Ariel, Prince Eric, Ursula, Flounder, Sebastian, Max, Scuttle and of course Flotsam and  Jetsam. The two middle pictures include bags, shirts and lots of fun items that will sure to be a hit with children of all ages, especially those of us that grew up watching “The Little Mermaid.”

The last picture in that row includes the Sephora Makeup line that includes cosmetics, fragrances and other great products that show just how determined Ariel was throughout the movie. The Sephora line ranges in price from $19.00 to $58.00. The fragrance that we received was a little to floral for me but I’m sure that lots of people with love it’s scent. Then also in that picture is Christmas ornaments of “The Little Mermaid” that I didn’t even see the night of the product unveiling.

The bottom row includes the Disney Animators’ Collection Ariel Doll Deluxe Bathtub Set that includes a bubbly seashell tub, terrycloth bath costume, satin nightdress, and Sebastian. Retailing or only $49.95 this is another great hit for the kids. The tee and tank top shirts are available at Hot Topic for $9. They would sure be a great addition to almost anyone’s wardrobe selection. The third picture is the plush characters that include Ursela along with Flotsam and  Jetsam who were my least favorite characters but without them the movie wouldn’t have been the same. The last picture was of fun items like wallets, books, dolls and lots of great products that I simply couldn’t leave out of the picture.


Image Courtesy of the Disney Consumer Products

And let’s finish it up with one of my favorite products I didn’t find a picture of when I was looking back through my pictures. How can you go wrong with a “Little Mermaid Bracelet” including 10 charms of the characters we have came to lover through the years. At only $16.95 it is a must add to my jewelry box collection the next time I am at the Disney store.

What is your favorite Little Mermaid Product? Anything you want to add to your own wish list? I’ve decided I’m a kid at heart and want almost everything, but I will refrain from most of them, but you are never to old to believe in Disney Magic.

Disclosure:  I  attended the #‎DisneyPlanesPremiere‬ and ‪#‎LittleMermaidEvent‬. My flight, lodging and expenses were all covered by Disney. However,  all opinions are my own.

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Diane Cooper

It sounds like it was a truly magical night! My granddaughter loves The Little Mermaid – she would have loved to have seen all of this!